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How to Make Sure You Never Need a Car Loan

car loan

My wife and I have recently bought a new car. It was used but new to us. The best part about the whole deal was that we didn’t have to take out a car loan. We paid cash. Now, we are both in our forties and well established financially. So you … [Continue reading]

My Varidesk Review: The Standing Desk Alternative for Your Office Space

Varidesk standing desk

Are you looking for a standing desk alternative for your desk space at home or office? Tired of sitting all day? That was me several months ago. When I was a high school teacher I used to stand all day long. When I quit teaching, I found myself … [Continue reading]

Some Say There Is No God. What If They Are Wrong?

there is no god

I recently published an article highlighting some short Bible verses that hold tremendous meaning. For a couple of weeks, I promoted that post on Facebook. The article was well received, generating over 1.3k likes. But of course, as Facebook goes … [Continue reading]

Is Reliability, Price or Features Most Important When Buying a Car?

buying a car

What do you look for when buying a car? The reason I ask is that we are on the verge of doing just that. Our two-year lease experiment with an electric car is coming to an end. We will not be renewing the lease and are looking at buying a car … [Continue reading]

3 Reasons Kids Should Watch Every Moment of Olympic Coverage

olympic coverage

Today my kids will drag themselves out of bed and head back to school. Unfortunately, our back to school season is clashing with another major world event happening right now - the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. So there will be no more 10-hour, … [Continue reading]

The Consequences of Riding Your Motorcycle Unprotected


There have been some rumblings in and around my house of late. Two of the young men who are in a Bible study group my wife and I host have recently bought a motorcycle. My kids love to hear them roar out of our driveway. They are responsible young … [Continue reading]

Back to School Tips to Manage Your Crazy Mornings

back to school tips

Next week my kids head back to school. YES and DOUBLE YES! They will hate that I’m saying that but after two long summer months it’s time to get back to the school thing. And to celebrate that, I’m going to remind my kids (and all of you who are … [Continue reading]

A Wedding To Do List For After You Say “I Do” (Infographic)

If you are inside of one year until you tie the knot with your significant other, you probably have a million things to accomplish on your wedding to do list. OK, maybe not one million but there are a lot of things to take care of. I’m sure it seems … [Continue reading]

13 Encouraging Bible Verses for Men

encouraging bible verses for men

Let’s face it - men need encouragement. We try to act tough like we can handle everything on our own. But deep down, if we are being honest, we need to be lifted up just like anyone else. So it’s a good thing there are many encouraging Bible verses … [Continue reading]

Why It’s Worth Your Time to Learn About Credit

Credit is one of the most poorly understood financial structures in the life of the average American. Everybody knows that most people have credit scores. They also know that wise spending and paying off your credit bill make a score go up. That’s … [Continue reading]

This Smith and Wesson Stock Chart Reveals Our Biggest Fear

smith and wesson stock

Smith and Wesson stock is reaching heights never seen before in the history of the company. The stock price closed at $29.07 on Friday, just 30 cents shy of it’s all time high. However, that alone doesn’t tell the whole story. Smith and Wesson … [Continue reading]