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This page was developed so I could share documents and links that have been helpful to me. Click on the link below to either download or view each file.


sample  budget template

Sample monthly budget in Excel format

Sample Monthly Budget (.doc)

Sample Monthly Budget (.pdf)

Sample Monthly Budget (.xls)

Free Budget Spreadsheet at Canadian Budget Binder


Credit Score Calculation Pie Chart (Click here to read a post with further explanation of this chart.)

Family Resources

Sample Kid’s Chore Sheet (.xls)

Your Brain on Porn (.pdf from Covenant Eyes that discusses how pornography warps the brain and how to heal from it)


Creating SMART Goals (.pdf)

A SMART SPLASH Goal Plan Example (.pdf)

A SMART SPLASH Goal Plan Example (.doc)


2-Yr. Chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Jan. 2012 – Jan. 2014)


Sample Savings Spreadsheet (.pdf) (Click here to read the blog post explaining this document.)

Sample Savings Spreadsheet Blank (.xls) (Click to download)

Money and the Bible

Bible Verses About Money