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How Much We Pay Our Kids For Chores

“How much to pay kids for chores?” is a question my wife have wrestled with. “ I’ve already explained in a previous post why we don’t give our kids allowances. I’m not giving them money just for existing, which is what an allowance implies. Kids need to feel the burden of work so they can experience the joy of its rewards.

how much to pay kids for chores

Would your kids know which setting to use?

In addition to earning some money, doing chores around the house is teaching them responsibility. The home is where they should begin to learn basic life skills. I knew some freshman college students who couldn’t do their own laundry. My oldest two children have been doing that since they were nine.

Questions About Paying Kids For Chores

There are so many questions that arise for parents on the issue of paying kids for chores. Some of the big ones we’ve wrestled with include:

“At what age should we start?”

“What tasks should my kids be doing?”

“Do I pay them for everything?”

“How much should I be paying them?”

I’m not sure there is a cut and dry answer to those questions. We’ve gone back and forth on the issues since we began our work-for-pay commission program. Five years into it, this is how we see it:

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