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How Reckless Driving May Affect Your License, Career and Credit History

Enjoy this article today from New York based attorney Zev Goldstein. Just don’t read it on your smartphone while driving.)

When it comes to traffic violations, reckless driving often ranks just below driving under the influence. A violation can affect every aspect of your life, from your job to your ability to attain future credit.

What Is Considered Reckless Driving?

Although the legal definition of reckless driving varies from state-to-state, it’s generally taken to mean driving in a manner that indicates a wanton or willful disregard for the safety of others.

Excessive speeding, tailgating, not signaling appropriately and running lights and stop signs are commonly considered reckless. Distracted driving from talking on the phone or texting behind the wheel can also fall under recklessness.

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Why I Value the Advantages of a Debit Card

advantages of a debit cardDebit or credit?

It’s a passionate debate in the personal finance world as to which type of card people are better served carrying.

I’m of the mind that both can be used responsibly to assist people with their money management and achieve their financial goals. The key word in that last sentence though was “responsibly” and of these two options, credit cards are by far the tool with the most potential for spending abuse.

I was one of those who succumbed to that potential for abuse. Consequently, my wife and I closed all our credit card accounts years ago and moved strictly to cash and debit cards. That little decision did more to change our spending habits and boost our success with money than anything else.

Advantages of a Debit Card

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Beating the Credit Card Rewards System

credit card rewardsFive years ago, my wife and I were killing it with the credit card rewards we were receiving. That’s right…free stuff! We exchanged our rewards for airline miles, countless merchandise items and even received cash back in our pockets on some cards. It felt great! We were really beating the credit card rewards system at their game.

However, through a series of personal events and some advanced education, I realized I could do even better. I found out there was (is) a way to get more cash back into my pocket and really stick it to the credit card companies. The best part about this system was that it also improved my monthly budget and helped me save more in the long run.

What was the system I used?

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