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8 Amazing Christian Leaders

For those in the Christian faith it can be difficult to wade through the hundreds of pastors uploading new sermons to YouTube every day. How do you have the time to consume all the information that is being published?

a cross by the oceanMore importantly, how do you know which ones are preaching the true word of God? Which can you trust to be consistent with their message and create real value for your spiritual future?

While there are many great leaders doing incredible work for God, here are 8 quality names to keep your eye on.

1. Rick Warren

Rick Warren is one of the most famous names in the Christian world today. Not only does he lead a “megachurch” in California and have more than a million followers on Twitter, but he also has authored several best-selling books, including his best-known work The Purpose Driven Life.

2. T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes is known for his passion across all denominations. In fact, his church of 30,000 is entirely non-denominational, allowing members of all different codes and creeds to come together and worship the Lord in harmony.

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