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Thank You, For One Million Page Views at Luke1428.com

Rarely do I draw attention to the metrics of this blog. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever done it like this (and probably never will again). But I have fun moment that I couldn’t shy away from. Yesterday, some unknown user found their way to my site and triggered the one millionth page view at Luke1428.com. Thank you, mystery reader – I wish I had a prize for you.

Look, I know. In the grand scheme of the web, one million-page views isn’t a lot. Some personal finance sites get that in weeks. Still, it’s a big deal for me, especially when I consider my intentions for this blog.

This site has never been about making me money. I’ve never tried to make it my living as some other personal finance bloggers have successfully done. I basically generate enough revenue here to keep the site running and have a little left over for fun projects.

For the most part, I work on posts and site maintenance in my spare time. Early mornings, at night or on Sunday afternoon while watching football. It’s a part-time deal for me. And at this point, I’m doing two to three posts a month.

Despite my approach, the blog continues to grow beyond what I could have imagined when I first started. In fact, at current pace of growth, I should reach my 2-million-page view mark in the next two years. From there, who knows what happens.

So, if it’s not for a living, why devote effort to a blog in the first place? I’m glad you asked.

Why I Do What I Do

This site exists for two reasons. For one, it’s a hobby. I have several hobbies, the most interesting ones being traveling and collecting baseball cards. Unfortunately, neither of those happens with enough frequency to fill my down time.

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Blogging fills the void. Writing for an hour here or 30 minutes there helps clear my mind. It helps me pass the time and have an outlet that produces something positive. If I didn’t do it, I’d spend my down moments binge-watching sci-fi or playing video games.

But really, and more importantly, this site has always been about helping others with two things – their personal financial life and their spiritual life.

Why focus on both, the financial and the spiritual in one blog? Aren’t those two things incompatible, better suited for their own individual space? It’s a fair question to ask.

But here’s the thing. I’ve experienced life change in both of those areas. Both are dear to me. And through the years I have seen how intricately woven they really are.

When your spiritual life is right, it impacts how you view and use money. And when you get your financial life in order, it enhances your spiritual life. As you have more money to give and bless others with, your spirit will be encouraged as you impact lives and leave a legacy.

So, I’ll keep focusing on these two things. It seems to be serving me well, both in blog growth and in personal satisfaction.

Highlights Over the Years

On the right-hand sidebar of this site, you will find my most popular posts of all time. I have divided them between personal finance posts and spiritual related posts. Start your additional reading there if you’d like to see what other people have found valuable and are sharing with others.

But I’ve written a lot of great content that doesn’t show up as one of the top posts. So, in honor of this milestone, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite of the 658 posts I have published through the years. And yes…I’d love it if you shared them.

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Cornerstone Blog Posts:

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Potpourri of Issues:

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Thank You’s

This particular post wouldn’t be complete without a few words of thanks.

Thank you to those who were around in the first couple of lean years when it felt like only crickets inhabited this space. And thank you to Google for your all-powerful search engine that redirects people here.

Thank you to the bloggers who I interacted and collaborated with in the first few years to get my name out there. I really couldn’t have gone on back then without that community of support.

Thank you to companies like WordPress and Studiopress for making simple platforms and blogging themes for those of us who don’t have a technical mind for coding and despise the maintenance side of blogging.

Thank you to all my friends who have read and shared my content with their friends. Please continue to do so. I’d really appreciate that!

And thank you to my family who has put up with my long hours of writing and given me the freedom to pursue this passion all these years. I love you bunches!

Questions for Discussion: What is the best advice you ever got from reading any personal finance blog? What special hobbies give some meaning to your life? 

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