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God’s Provision (Part I): “You’re Feeding Me How?”

“I’m starving,” the little girl said as she walked into the kitchen after school. It would be another hour before dinner was ready and the thought of going that long without something to eat was too much for her. “Please daddy,” she pleaded…“just a little something, I feel like I’m going to die!”

The father knowing how overdramatic his 8-yr. old daughter was being, thought about launching into a discussion about what “starving” truly meant. Or maybe he could explain the intricacies of the human body and how God had designed it to go on for days without needing food, only water. Or maybe just a “No!” would do.

Then he looked at his daughter, with those cute curls and big eyes looking up at him.

He realized how much he truly loved her and how much joy she would feel with having her need met. So he reached into the cupboard and pulled out a couple of cookies. “Thanks Dad, I love you,” the daughter said as she skipped away – cookie crumbs being scattered through the hallway.

God’s Provision For Our Needs

We live in a country of great abundance. It may not seem like that now with many people struggling in these difficult economic times. However, even in our countries most dire and gruesome moments, most people don’t face death because there is no food to eat. Somehow, we still manage to put food on our tables, provide services for those who need a meal, and find unique ways to get by until times improve.

Have you ever been in such a tough circumstance you didn’t know where your next meal was going to come from? The prophet Elijah did and in I Kings 17:1-7 we see how God provided for him in a unique and miraculous way.

In I Kings 17:1, Elijah issues a prophecy from God to Ahab, King of Israel, stating there will be a drought that will last for years. Think Elijah may have been a little nervous about that prophecy knowing it would impact him as well? He must have been thinking, “OK God, this is great and all, but I have to eat to ya’ know.”

Ravens Minister to Elijah

God does not ignore the needs of His servants. He tells Elijah to go to a small brook near the Jordan River. There he would be sustained with a supply of water from the brook. And as for food, well God was going to get creative with this one. God told Elijah in verse 4 that He would command the ravens to feed him there. What? Birds are going to bring him food? You just don’t see that one happening every day.

Now Elijah has a choice. He can either 1) think these directions by God are crazy (“I mean who ever heard of a bird catering to a human”) or 2) simply choose to follow God’s instructions. We see in verse 5 Elijah chose to do according to the word of the Lord…to obey His instructions…to trust that God would provide for his needs no matter how strange the circumstances. It must have been some sight for Elijah, sitting there by the brook, to watch as birds flew into camp each morning and evening with bread and meat dangling from their beaks. Talk about your airmail.

Elijah was faced with a really tough situation, as he was not immune to the drought that devastated the land. It doesn’t seem like he could do much to provide for himself. He had to rely on God to provide for him in these terrible circumstances when it seemed like hope was lost for the people. And God did provide in a remarkable and very unconventional way – a way we would not have thought possible if we had dreamed it up on our own.

You may be facing some tough financial situations – situations that seem hopeless. You may not know how you are going to provide for your family. It may feel like your drought will never end. Rest in the assurance there is a God who loves to meet the needs of his children. He probably won’t do it with ravens – but He does provide.

God wasn’t through showing his miraculous powers to Elijah. A problem arose in verse 7 when the brook Elijah was drinking from dries up. No more water…no problem for God. (to be continued…)

How has God miraculously provided for you?

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