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ID-10020413Welcome to the Luke1428 Guest Posting Policy page. I’m pleased to open this site to guest bloggers wishing to gain exposure on a platform other than their own.

If you would like to submit an article related to personal finance or any category found under the primary menu on the home page, please review the requirements and steps below. Keep in mind this is not a paid opportunity, rather a chance for you to showcase your best work to the growing audience at this site.

If you would like to submit a guest post, please email me using the contact form below. Include the topic you will write about along with a general outline of the major points of the post. Do not send the full content of your post before first receiving approval.

Please review the requirements below for submitting a guest post to Luke1428. Guest posters:

  • Should have maintained their own blog for at least one month and have updated it regularly with fresh content.
  • Will submit original content for the post, not published on any other website, including your own blog.
  • Must be regular contributors (through reading and commenting) to Luke1428 and be familiar with the Value Proposition for this blog.
  • Should keep the post from 500-1,300 words in length.
  • Will thoroughly check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of the post before submitting.
  • Must be willing to respond to comments the day of the post and promote the post through the various social networking sites (ex. Facebook, Twitter, G+).
  • Can include a short biography with a link to your blog and your profile on social networking sites.
  • Are allowed to include up to two links in the body of the post that link back to your blog or that relate to personal finance. No affiliate links please.
  • May include an image that does not violate copyright laws. If no image is submitted, Luke1428 will attempt to provide one.


  • If you do not have a blog and still wish to submit an article, please send a writing sample in advance.
  • There will be no corporate, affiliate or spam articles allowed.

Luke1428 reserves the right to edit the content, title, images and grammar of submissions to meet our standards for publication. You will be contacted about any changes that might alter the thesis of the post or if we feel the post is unfit for publication here.

Posts will be scheduled for publication based on available dates. You will be notified in advance of the publication date.

The 7 Step System for Publishing a Guest Post:

1. Use the form below to contact Luke1428 with an idea and basic outline.

2. Receive permission from Luke1428 to write post.

3. Write and submit post with accompanying biography, image and links.

4. Article will be reviewed and either rejected or scheduled for publication.

5. Post will proceed through the editing process.

6. Post will be published and promoted.

7. Engage the community as they comment on your post.

Thank you again for your interest in writing a guest post. I look forward to connecting with you.

Brian Fourman, Site Administrator

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