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6 Signs You are Living Above Your Means

What I’d Tell My 20-Yr. Old Self about Financial Freedom (guest post)

6 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast (guest post)

8 Bible Verses About Worry for All Life Situations

The Sam’s Club Scan and Go App Is a Shopping Game Changer

Give Money and It Shall Be Given to You? (Luke 6:38)

6 Ways a Monthly Budget Brings Freedom, Not Bondage

6 Financial and Emotional Considerations Before You Retire Early

Five Basic Ways Families of Faith Should Spend Time Together (guest post)

Make More than You Think Working From Home as a Bookkeeper (guest post – Tim Chaves, CEO Zipbooks)

Your Best Investment Ever Won’t Be in the Stock Market

7 Tips on How to Handle a Teenager’s Car Accident

6 Special Reasons Why I Love Having a Travel Budget

How to Turn a Hobby into a Career (guest post)

A Spring-Cleaning To-Do List for Your Finances

10 Tid-bits of Financial Wisdom on My 45th Birthday

Refinance Your Mortgage Now While Rates Are Historically Low

Choosing the Right College Now Starts by Answering These Questions

How to Make a Will and Protect Those You Love

Emergency Fund Basics: The Step on Which All Other Success is Built

This is the first Step to a New You This Year


How Your Gifts Are Also Fit For a King (Matthew 2:11)

Sinking Fund: The Best Way to Save Money for Christmas Gifts

How to Easily Protect Yourself When Giving to Charities

4 Basic Strategies for Retirement Planning Everyone Should Know

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Investing Money the Right Way

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off From Service Industry “Professionals”

Are CD’s a Good Investment for the Average Joe?

Visa Debit Card Safety: What You Need to Know

17 Psalms of Comfort for When You Are in the Storm

3 of the Most Important Reasons Teens Need a Checking Account

12 Bible Verses About Friendship that Will Make You a Better Friend

What is a Savings Account and Does My Child Need One?

So It’s Been Awhile but I’m Back From My Blogging Break

How to Save One Thousand Dollars in a Month

Getting the Best Deal on a Personal Loan

How Much We Pay our Kids for Chores (Update)

6 Ways We Survive the Dark Side of Rental Real Estate

How to Get Out of Debt and Win in Five Simple Steps

The Best Advice from God about Playing Video Games

5 Tips for Negotiating Rental Real Estate Disputes

Want to Chase Your Dreams? This is the Right Way to Win Big

8 Bible Verses About God’s Love You Should Never Forget

Is Your Perspective on Life Limiting You?

Should You Invest in the Stock Market During a Trump Administration?

3 Principles From the Bible that Will Help You Build Wealth (guest post)

Should I Retire Early? 9 Questions to Help You Decide

Is Investing in Bitcoin a Good Idea? (guest post)

Always Plan a Budget Around These 5 Expenses First

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution that Works For You


A Christmas Memory That Still Challenges Me to This Day

When It’s a Challenge to Say I Am Thankful for You

Operation Christmas Child: Changing Lives One Shoebox at a Time

“I’m Rich!” How to Handle a Lump Sum Payment of Money

The Hidden College Debt Statistics You Never Hear About

Do You Really Need Life Insurance For Your Family?

5 Personal Finance Items to Evaluate Once a Year

7 Positive Lessons From Job’s Friends On Helping Hurting People

How to Make Sure You Never Need a Car Loan

My Varidesk Review: The Standing Desk Alternative for Your Office Space

Some Say There is No God. What If They Are Wrong?

Is Reliability, Price or Features Most Important When Buying a New Car?

3 Reasons Kids Should Watch Every Moment of Olympic Coverage

Back to School Tips to Manage Your Crazy Mornings

A Wedding To-Do List For After You Say “I Do”

13 Encouraging Bible Verses for Men

This Smith and Wesson Stock Chart Reveals Our Biggest Fear

12 Short Bible Verses That Pack a Powerful Message

4 Ways to Fund that Extra Mortgage Payment

The Passenger Effect: Their Valuable Role in a Car and on a Team

What Does the Bible Say About Debt? Wait Til You See

How to Resolve the What Career Should I Have Dilemma

Here are the Top 9 Bible Verses for Teens to Know

The Hidden Step to Pay Off Debt You’ll Not Want to Miss

The Most Important Reason You Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

Daddy Take the Wheel: Adventures With a 15-Yr. Old Driver

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make the Best Monthly Budget Ever

Living Through Tragedy When There Are No Answers

The Best Definition of Teamwork You Will Ever Read

Should I Do My Own Taxes? Here is How to Know

What Should I Do For My Birthday Today?

What Does God Want Me to Do with My Life?

The Winning Hope and Joy Campaign of Stephen Curry

What Does a Financial Advisor Do and Do I Need One?

Encouraging Bible Verses for the Dark Times of Life

Is a Liberal or Conservative President Better for Your Money

How to Save Money on Car Insurance for Teens

Should I Cosign? Here is the Truth About What God Says

How to Stop Waiting for Next Year to Get Your Finances Right

The Best Home Renovation Projects that Hold Their Value

How to Stop the Money Problems in Your Marriage for Good

How to Beat Any Salesman and Save Money This Year

Count the Cost: The Secret Step to Success at Anything

Fighting the Battle of the Bulge, the Bustle and the Bling in 2016


102 Year Old Says You Are Never Too Old to Celebrate

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him This Christmas

SMART Goal Examples for Your Money This Coming Year

Cheap Christmas Activities for Kids to Cure the Boredom

Money in the Bible: 99 Topics That Will Move You to Action

5 Money Saving Questions to Ask Before Buying Christmas Presents

Why I’m Thankful For First and Second Chances

Saving Up For Retirement: What Are Your Basic Options?

5 Innovative Retirement Planning Tools to Help You Save More

The U.S. Federal Budget Breakdown For Your Tax Money in 2016 – Inforgraphic

The Easy and Hard Parts to Becoming a Millionaire by Age 65

15 Bible Verses About Helping the Poor You Need to Know

How to Avoid the Frustrating Weight Gain on a Cruise

Decorating Your Christmas Tree Doesn’t Have to Hurt Your Wallet

10 Can’t Miss Warren Buffett Quotes on Life and Money

Personal Update: A Stay at Home Dad Goes Back to Work

How to Choose a College So You Don’t Waste Money on Tuition

When to Avoid Zero Percent Financing Offers on Cars

How to Eat, Drink and Be Merry the Right Way

Customer Service Training Ideas: No Comments on How Much Food I Buy

Attention 9th Graders: Some Focus Right Now Will Make You Rich

What Happens When You Seek First the Kingdom of God

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Pay Back Student Loans

How to Prioritize What’s Important When You Make a Budget

Should I Ever Get Rental Car Insurance?

How to Invest 1,000 Dollars at Age 18

With God All Things Are Possible – Even Saving Rich People

Why Parents Should Never Give Kids Money for Good Grades in School

The Big Reason You Need Disability Insurance

Why I’ll Cherish Every Moment of the Next Four Years

The Future Is Where Your Present Goes to Die

8 Sneaky Places Mold Hides in Your Home and How to Get Rid of It

Americans Share Their Biggest Financial Worries

How to Save Money Without Losing Track of What It’s For

How An Expensive Camera Purchase Ended Up Being Worth Every Penny

An Apprentice Going For It With Courage

The Ultimate Safety Tip For Using Your Debit Card

How to Bug Proof Your Home Inside and Out

7 Popular Work at Home Schemes and How to Spot Them

Buying the Blessing of God

What to Do If Your Wallet or Purse Is Stolen

How to Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

When Giving Money is the Wrong Gift

10 Important Money Questions You Need to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

A Time For Choosing Freedom

How to Manage Your Side Hustle and Family Life So You Don’t Go Insane

How to Avoid a Foreclosure When You Are Struggling Financially

I’m Losing Sleep Tonight For a Worthy Cause But Never Will Over Money

The Difference Between Married and Single Homebuyers (Infographic)

Buyer Beware: Renting a Car With a Debit Card

If You Give Like This God Will Be Laughing

Beyond the Retirement Plan: 3 Things You Must Do Before You Stop Working (guest post)

4 Big Mistakes of My 20s That Affected My Net Worth

The Difference Between Wise and Foolish Builders

Stop Identity Thieves By Shredding the Right Paperwork

What Contributes More to Financial Change: Knowledge or Behavior?

How Do You Respond to the “I Need a Vacation” Voice?

What Would You Sacrifice to Gain Something Valuable?

The 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens and College Students

A Soldier’s Pledge: If This Doesn’t Inspire You Nothing Will

The One Winning Formula For the Poor

A Comprehensive Look at Auto Insurance and Why You Need It

6 Shocking Things Your Broke Friends Need to Hear You Say

I Have No One to Blame But Myself

Is My Employer Provided Life Insurance Enough? (guest post)

The Stages of Investing and How to Win Long Term

How to Determine If People Really Want Help With Money

Why You Should Never Discount Success When Others Praise You

DIY Home Security vs. Professional Installation (guest post)

Technology Is Revealing One Big Flaw That Crushes Our Finances

Save Money on Food by Ignoring the ‘Best By’ Date

How Science Proves That Tithing Is Linked to Success and Happiness (guest post)

A Personal Update: Life Lessons From My Freelance Writing

How I Got Financially Real in 5 Minutes

Arbor Day Special: The Only Type of Tree I Ever Want to Be

40 Money Saving Tips That Help Preserve the Environment

Secret Advice for Teenagers Who Love to Spend Money

One Simple Truth About Money: You Reap What You Sow

How We Save Money on Healthcare

2 Milestones You Need to Reach Before Investing Money

The Best Option For the Extra Budget Money at the End of the Month

Is the Bible Really Clear About Paying Taxes?

What Do I Need to Know About Homeowner’s Insurance?

A Beginner’s Guide to Home Remodeling Costs

The Bribe That Fueled the All-Time Greatest Easter Myth

Keep Your Emergency Savings Fund Under Your Mattress?

Finding Inspiration and Overcoming Mental Obstacles

3 Reasons a Good Name Is Better Than Great Riches

5 Lessons I Learned From My Recent Surgery

Is Investing in Valuable Collectibles Like Baseball Cards Worth It?

Why Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain

The Stock Market’s Dirty Little Secret (guest post)

How to Make a Good Decision Every Time

My Carvana Review: The Online Vending Machine For Buying Used Cars

Consider the Ant in Your Definition of Work Ethic (Proverbs 6:6)

What Is An Undergraduate Degree and Do I Need One?

How to Avoid Worrying About These IRS Audit Red Flags

Give Money and It Shall Be Given to You? (Luke 6:38)

Understanding the Basics of Refinancing Mortgage Loans (guest post)

This Is the Difference Between a Smart and Dumb Money Investor

Dodging Sex and Money Conversations With a 6-yr. Old

On Being Embarrassed By But Secretly Admiring Street Preachers

How Reckless Driving May Affect Your License, Career and Credit History (guest post)

The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Life Insurance

10 Effective Strategies That Will Make You Better at Networking

Barriers to Entry: The Ongoing Battle With Exercise

How to Save One Thousand Dollars in a Month

How to Enjoy a Life of Guilt Free Spending

It’s Easy to Love the Loveable

Is There Ever a Time When You Shouldn’t Use a 401k? (guest post)

More Money, More Problems: The 10 Challenges of the Wealthy

Check Your Debt Emotions at the Door

The Ultimate Risk in Wasting a Play

Does My Health Insurance Cover Dental Work? (guest post)

This is the Biggest Reason Every Blogger Needs a Reader Survey

How to Stop Making Bad Money Mistakes Again and Again

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone

5 Reasons to Shift Charitable Giving Away From the Holidays (guest post)

A Beginner’s Guide to Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

The Best Solution For Those Buried in a Snowdrift of Debt

This One Thing You Lack to Have Treasure in Heaven

Top 7 Ways to Raise Money Smart Kids (guest post)

Not So Obvious Steps if You Want a New Job

This Is What Makes Dumping Girlfriends and Credit Cards Hard

Launching This Year May Lead to Your Greatest Catch

How Long Do Common Household Items Last

How to Make a Record of Your Home Inventory in Case of a Catastrophic Loss

$32 Billion in Est. Profits: The Amount Generated by Human Trafficking

Would You Use Cheap Toilet Paper For a Penny

99 Simple Action Items to Help You Spend Less and Save More in 2015

Your Do-Over Moment Is and Isn’t a Big Deal


The Top Ten Television Theme Songs From My Childhood

Reshaping My Focus in 2015, Plus a Short Survey

Gifts Fit For a King

If You Have Never Read the Christmas Story…

3 Big Victories and 3 Big Disappointments From 2014

Pushing Against Evil: I Have My Basketball Goal Back

3 Tips to Boost Your Credit Score Before Getting a Loan (guest post)

Insurance: The Black Sheep of Our Personal Finance Family

My Go-to Bible Verse When I Worry About Money (or anything else really)

Finding Balance in the Holiday Gifting Madness (guest post)

The Biggest Home Security Issue Everyone Is Missing

The Hidden Issue Behind the Best Laid Plans

Sharing the Results of a 4-Month Blog Commenting System Experiment

Why My Kids Love That We Are Not Buying Christmas Presents This Year

We’ve Been Robbed! Dealing With a Theft at Our Home

Starting a Small Business in 2015

15 Bible Verses to Remind Us to Be Thankful

Reasons I’m Thankful to Be a Stay at Home Dad

A New Reason I’ll Avoid the Mayhem That Is Black Friday

Statistics Show People Turn to the Internet First For Their Job Search (guest post)

There Can Always Be Redemption

5 Budgeting Tips to Save Money for the Holidays

Don’t Be Like This Me: Blogging Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid

I Need Help But Don’t Want to Ask

Moments Like This Make Blogging Worth It

5 Ideas For a Budget Kitchen Remodel (guest post)

Should I Save For Retirement or the Kid’s College First?

Selling My Soul to the Devil: Why I’m Leasing a Car

An Audacious Goal Recap: What Bloggers Learned From Writing for 31 Days

4 Large and Small Non-Profits I Support That Are Doing Incredible Work

Does My Credit Score Affect My Spouse? (guest post)

The Government Won’t Solve Your Money Problems

Moving On After Failure

My 6-Year Old Has Earned $100 and We Are Opening a Savings Account

6 Financial and Emotional Reasons to Reconsider Early Retirement

5 Practical Steps to Consider When Making a Career Change

No One Can Serve Two Masters

The Best and Worst Places to Save Money in the Budget When Getting Out of Debt

Why I No Longer Hate Making a Budget

I’m Sick But Still Writing Only Because I Set a Goal

3 Sneaky Marketing Words Companies Use to Lure Consumers

Debt Begins When You Swipe a Credit Card

The Hands of the Diligent Make One Rich

How to Make a Zero-Based Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Give the Gift of Investing This Holiday Season (guest post)

Proof It’s the Thought That Counts

Is Your Credit Score Simply a Measure of How Much You Love Debt?

My Parents Were Frugal But Sometimes I’m Not

The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Selfies in Our Narcissistic World

Pushing Through an Identity Crisis: 31 Straight Days of Writing

My Very First Rant: Change Your Mattress Every 5-7 Years?

Give Up to Go Up: Spending Money on Personal Growth

Saving Money Throughout College (guest post)

The Ups and Downs of My First Month as a Stay at Home Dad

An Amazing Offer From the Coolest Inheritance Story in the Bible

8 Important Questions to Ask When Setting Up an Inheritance

Should I Leave An Inheritance to My Children

4 Sneaky Ways to Save More Money (guest post)

The Delicate Balance of Self-Promotion For Peer Recognition

How to Make a Thousand Dollars in a Month on the Side With a Blog (guest post)

The Most Basic Thing I Never Understood About Leadership

Does God Want Me to Attend College?

20 Flexible Part Time Jobs For College Students

The Hidden Costs of College: How to Manage the Incidentals

Emotions and Investing Don’t Mix

The Problem with Infomercials, Televangelists Mechanics and Pretty Much All of Us

How To Pass the CPA Exam on the First Try (by Kim Fourman)

Why Travel Should Be A Must For Every Budget

The Joys and Rewards of Whitewater Rafting

4 Guiding Money Principles That Every Child (and Adult) Must Learn

Repairs and Maintenance Landlords Should Complete Between Tenants

It Is Not A Sin to Buy a New Car

All Work and No Play: Combating the Dangers of Workaholism

Back to School Savings I Don’t Care About

7 Financial Hurdles to Becoming a Stay at Home Dad

Celebrating a Milestone With My Top 10 Favorite Proverbs About Money

Building Trust With Your Audience: Should a Blogger Care

Confessing a Really Stupid Money Mistake

A Sobering Takeaway From the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash

Emergency Fund Basics: The Step on Which All Other Success Is Built

5 Life Changing Moments That Lead to Lifestyle Inflation

A Singular Focus to Paying Off Debt Leads to Peace

Rethinking the Definition of Success

The Tools of Motivation: Getting What You Need to Succeed

The Lemonade Stand Book Review Plus an iPad Mini Giveaway

I’ve Scrapped My DISQUS Commenting System to Run a Blog Experiment

Your Best Investment Ever Won’t Be in the Stock Market

Happy Anniversary! Luke1428 Enters the Terrible Twos

The Final Destination Is Worth the Pain of Starting Over

Debunking a Few Home-Buying Misconceptions (guest post)

Guess Which Age Groups Is Starting to Save?

How to Play the “Take This Money – No Thanks – I Insist” Game

The 3 Money Topics Teenagers Most Like to Discuss

How I Increased My Facebook Reach For Blog Posts by Over 700 Percent

The Two-Faced Giver: When It Look Like Rain, It’s Supposed to Pour

Four Big Money Issues For Couples to Settle Before Marriage

How Being Flexible Saved Our Vacation

After Seven Years of Wedded Bliss We Are Dumping Costco

Beware: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

This One Trick Started Our Process of Doing Successful Budgets

Our Local Target Is Showing How to Rock Customer Service

Bugs Bunny’s Quest to Beat Cecil Turtle Cost Him Dearly

Simple and Fun Ways Landlords Can Treat Their Tenants Well

Why I’m So Excited Again To Spend Money on Cable TV

God Wants the First Bite of Pie

The Fear of Spending Again Once the Debt Is Gone

How We Are Paying For Summer Vacations With Cash

A Memorial Day Task: Teach Your Kids To Remember the Fallen

Since the Dawn of Time Our Purpose Has Involved Work

Do You Want To Beat the Market for 60 Cents An Hour? (guest Post)

Why I’m Quitting My Job to Be a Stay At Home Dad

The Real Secret to Developing a Work Ethic in Kids

How Much We Pay Our Kids For Chores

Finding the Qualities of Successful People In Yourself (guest Post)

Why We Don’t Give Our Kids Allowances

When Conventional Wisdom About Money Clashes With Conviction

Stay the Course: Our Success Happened One Step at a Time

4 Reasons Why We Paid Off Our Mortgage Early

Goodbye Mortgage and Lender B.O.A. Hello Baby Step 7!

Wrestling Against Something Twice Your Size (by Kim Fourman)

A Student Debate: Are There Absolute Truths About Money and Personal Finance?

5 Coping Strategies For When the Busyness of Life Causes the Dam to Break

The Crew at Modest Money Is Teaching Us a Big Lesson

Moving Back in With Your Parents at 50? It’s Happening a Bunch

10 Clues That Reveal It’s Time to Change Your Job

God’s Giving Nature Shines Brightest On Easter

This Debt Relief Practice Was No Scam

How Shopping For Shoes Changed My Financial Life

Teaching Kids About Money: 4 Age Appropriate Goals

Richness Breeds Arrogance But There Is a Cure

Cheer Up! Your Worst Day Wasn’t As Bad As This Kids

Bad Personal Finance Habits Only Change When the Pain Spikes

7 Unfortunate Reasons People Spew Hatred at Dave Ramsey

Pain and Suffering Is No Excuse to Keep Moving Forward

How We Are Coping With the Family Rat Race

Spring Break. Glorious Rite of Passage or Undisciplined Waste of Money?

HELP WANTED! This Company Really Understands the Hiring Process

How to Tackle a Huge Looming Project

My Fight Against Bandwagon Consumer Syndrome

 5 Warning Signs When Choosing a Financial Adviser

We Are One Heartbeat Away From a Life Changing Moment

Choosing the Right College Starts by Answering These Questions

Should I Spend $250 and Change My Blog Name?

6 Awesome Lessons for Managing Through a Financial Crisis

March Madness: Avoid the Budget Busters

How Landlords Can Screen Out A Potential Problem Tenant

On My Birthday, I Have So Much to Be Thankful For

3 Steps We Took to Develop Financial Success in Our Marriage

Our Emotional Pet Purchase Is Now Causing Frustration and Sadness

How Do You Handle Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments?

3 Tips for Taking a Charitable Deduction on Your Taxes (by Kim Fourman)

Price Limits, Blow Money and the 24-Hr. Rule

Interview with a Centenarian: At 100, My Grandfather Reflects on Life, Faith and Finding Purpose

Giving to Charity in Secret: Because It’s Not About Me

How Are Various Investing Markets Related to One Another? (by Guest)

Stubbornness Cost Me Four Months of Running. What’s It Costing You?

How to Write Great Content For Your Blog

Now That’s What I Call Love

How to Save Money and Cut Taxes by Hiring Your Kids (by Kim Fourman)

18 Ways to Reduce College Costs, Plus One Huge Bonus Tip

The Basics of How to Pay for College

The “If Only” Game Makes Liars of Us All

The Hidden Commodities of Real Estate Investing (Guest Post)

Global Shares Plunge! OMG…The World’s Coming to an End!

The South Ain’t Gettin’ Personal Finance

A Weekly Roundup: The Snowman Edition

What Ritz Crackers ‘n Cheese Dip Taught Me About Breaking Routines

Why Does Toys R Us Want My Phone Number (by Kim Fourman)

When a Snowfall Brings Panic, Excitement and Pressure

Grappling With the “Should I Retire Early?” Question

Providing For Your Own Is Always Right

Planning to Ignore the Obamacare Mandate? Here’s What You Need to Know (Guest post)

Why I Value the Advantages of a Debit Card

How I Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Feed Your Pleasures and Break the Bank

My January Fuss-a-thon at Business Owners Has Begun (by Kim Fourman)

This One Stock Chart Could Make or Break You Over the Next 20 Years

The Attitudes of a Successful Landlord

If You Do Anything in 2014, Please Consider Receiving This Gift

How to Love Paying Bills and Going Christmas Shopping in 2014

Some Unforeseen but Realistic Drawbacks to Chasing Your Dream

Give Me Your Guest Post Yearning to Breathe Free


3 Big Victories, 3 Big Disappointments of My 2013

Knowing When to Give Yourself a Blogging Break

The Value of Repetition – As Witnessed Through My Daughter

Year End Tax Planning for Small Business

Defense Wins Championships (And Helps With Finances Too)

The Lustful Spending Desires I Routinely Battle

Is The Debt Snowball the Best Method to Pay Off Debt?

My 8 Step Method for Writing a Blog Post

An Open Hand: The Most Powerful Money Visual Ever

Be Intentional: How to Develop a Giving Plan

Giving For the Wrong Reasons This Christmas (Or Anytime)

My A – Z List of Blog Related Things I’m Thankful For

What Good Is Freedom When You’re Told What To Do With It?

There’s A Robber Stripping You of Wealth

Beauty and Function From a Beast

When Passion Meets Weakness

The Futility of Being Well-Rounded

Fire Brings Out the Best in You

5 Common Rental Real Estate Mistakes You Will Make

Revisiting Why I’m Here at the 200th Post: The Luke1428 Value Proposition

Stealing From Your Employer

4 Ways to Punch Through the Scary Questions at the Start

ATTN Men: A Woman Values Security. Get It For Her!

How One Shoebox Could Change A Life This Christmas

Getting An Electric Car For Free Through Tax Credits (by Kim Fourman)

Relationships Blossom When Couples Budget

I’ll Take Money Over Love

Dealing With My Daughter’s BIG Milestone

How Couples Can End the Money Fights

I’m Running Naked

5 Purchases I Refuse to Skimp On

That Moment When You Question Your Goals

I Need Patience Now!

Our Nightmare on Rental Street: Evicting a Tenant

4 Reasons Your Budget Isn’t Working

Even Jesus Had a Side Hustle?

When Conviction Trumps Value

What’s More Valuable: Short or Long-Term Goals?

A Trick to Staying Motivated

Plan Your Budget Around These 5 Expenses

High Risk Investing: When I Turned $1,000 Into…

The Boy vs. the Blog – Exercises in Giving

Be Fearless

How to Get Out of Debt

The Secret Weapon to Contentment

Shock Treatment to Break Your Financial Procrastination

Are You Ready to Live to 100?

My Fantasy Football Obsession: Finding Life Balance

How to Choose a Career

Labor Day Edition – Celebrate Yourself (Plus An August Goals Update)

If You Had One Wish, Would It Be For Money?

Celebrating Victory

A 15-Yr. Life Should Never End This Tragically

Life Have You Spinning in a Hamster Wheel? You Can Still Benefit

How to Survive the Dark Side of Rental Real Estate

Burn the Obstacles

“Why Won’t You Tweet My Post!?”

Are You Setting Your Kids Up For Success?

Is the Effort to Get Rich Worth It?

I Can’t Jump Anymore

Freedom: It’s Why Budgets Rock!

Attachment: The Giving Killer

Bang on the Drum All Day: Find Your Passion

July Goals Update: This Arduous Affair Is Finally Over!

When Life Makes It Easier, Push It!

Living in the Present

Weekly Recap – An Unintentional Coke Zero Detox

Will You Still Love Me If I Blog For Money?

I’m Saving Thousands in 60 Seconds or Less

“I’m Rich!” – How to Handle a Lump Sum of Money

Are You Trusting in Horses?

Weekly Recap – Should My Daughter Separate Her Toes?

Trayvon, Zimmerman and Our Road to Healing

I’m Having a Yak-Attack!

Investing Made Easy (Part V): Common Investing Mistakes

Hidden Nuggets: This Little Light of Mine

Weekly Recap: Post Beach Vacation Blues Edition

Want to Influence Others? Lead by Example

Investing Made Easy (Part IV) – How to Pick a Good Mutual Fund

Luke1428 Goals Update – June

Infamous Days Are Not Show-Stoppers

Luke1428 Celebrates 1-Yr. Blog-iversary! A Special Thank You

Investing Made Easy (Part III): Where Should I Put My Money?

Weekly Recap: The Beach vs. Pool Debate

Don’t Chase Hungry Bears Through the Woods

Investing Made Easy (Part II): When Should I Start?

Weekly Recap: What’s Rich to a 6-Yr. Old?

Investing Made Easy: The What and the Why

Is It Worth It to be Inconvenienced?

Marathon Training and Writing Mental Blocks

Health, Wealth and Moments of Clarity

Funding College: Should I Work or Do SAT Prep?

Thesis vs. Genesis – It’s All About the Cup Holders

Do I Get Gold Cuff Links With That Tent?

Geocaching: Our New, Cheap Kid Activity

The Secret Goal Only Two People Knew

May Goals Update – School’s Out For Summer Edition

Save Time and Do More

Land of the Free Because of the Brave

Time to Punt This Goal Away

Cashiers Gone Wild

The Craziest Home Repair Ever

Beating the Credit Card Reward System

A Momentary Lapse of Discipline Almost Ruined My Dream

Should We Sell in May and Go Away?

Remembering Boston and A 2013 Goals Update

My 8 Jobs Taught Me These Lessons

Students Comparison Shop for Generics and Save Big!

When Can We Step Off The Gas?

Hey Parents…It’s OK to Create Cheap Memories

Help! How in the World Do You Find Time to Blog?

Budgeting Series, Part III: How to Make a Budget

Two Shall Become One: A Case for Financial Togetherness

Budgeting Series, Part II: I Didn’t Do a Budget Because…”

2013 Goals Update – March Madness Edition

Ten Awesome Manly Activities

Legit Get Rich Quick Schemes

Ranking the Tax Prep Options (Kim Fourman)

Budgeting Series, Part I: I Have No Hand, But Am Gonna Need It

Would It Make You Sad to Give Away Your Possessions?

I Love to Clean the Bathroom

When Should I Consult a Tax Professional? (by Kim Fourman)

Winning Is More Valuable Than Losing

When Was the Last Time You WOWED Yourself?

Considerations When Starting a Business (by Kim Fourman)

Ways We Lie About Money

Drawing a Line in the Sand: A $37 Decision

I’m Turning 40 – Now What?

How Does a 1040 Work? (by Kim Fourman)

February Goals Update – Sometimes Life Happens

Give It Away Now

2 HUGE Reasons We Need to Save to Build Wealth

How Far Would You Go to Get What You Want

How to Eliminate Overspending and “Gotcha” Moments

The Un-American Way: Saving for Purchases

For the Love of Money (Re-post)

“If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Ring on It”

Valentine’s Day Shopping For Your Free Spirit – Balancing the Nerd Equation 

How To Shop For Your Nerd This Valentine’s Day (by Kim Fourman)

My 2013 Goals Update – January

Gambling on Super Bowl XLVII – What I Didn’t Know

Bikes, Lies and Video Games

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Life at the Top of the Hill

My Goals for 2013

Making a SPLASH Goal Plan

Get SMART: How to Set Goals

New Year’s Goal #4: Fall in Love (Again)

New Year’s Goal #3: Plan Like There Is No Tomorrow


New Year’s Goal #2: Give Like Never Before

New Year’s Goal #1: Putting My Trust Where It Belongs

What I Learned About Blogging From My First 50 Posts

What My First 50 Blog Posts Taught Me About Myself

3 Reasons Credit Cards Didn’t Work For Me

A Secret to Success (For Men Only)

Change Your Family Tree – Be a McFly

Don’t Go It Alone – Effective Leaders Get Help

How to Get the Most Out of Christmas

The Best Food Budget Ever

God’s Doing This For You Today

Snickers Isn’t the Only Thing That Satisfies

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