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A Soldier’s Pledge – on Freedom, Courage and Sacrifice

“America is depressing…mixed up…adrift…an afterthought.” Have you sensed these messages creeping into American culture and thought in the past few years? Our soldier’s pledge to keep our nation great remains strong, but a lack of pride in who we are among the general public seems to have blossomed. There exists less and less passion for greatness. And few believe America’s best days lie ahead.

a soldiers pledgeEveryday the news points out our flaws. Our economy isn’t right. We can’t resolve our racial issues. Our foreign relationships often teeter on shaky ground. American individual liberties are under assault.

Everything rises and falls with leadership – including a nation as big and powerful as America. So perhaps our attitudes can be contributed to the uninspiring and ineffectual leadership we see in our government, in our communities, in our churches and even in our homes.

For many it’s a bleak picture that seems to be spiraling out of control. But we don’t have to settle for this course. We can choose a different path. Nothing predetermines that we must feel indifferent or uninspired about America.

How do I know this?

Because of freedom. Freedom is the one constant that can again ignite our passion and love for this country.

Freedom Stirs Us Like Nothing Else

Americans have the ability to come together in times of real national challenge when our freedom is on the line. I heard my grandfather recount stories from the World War II era when the American spirit was galvanized to take on a foe who threatened world peace. The threat to our way of life brought unity, national pride and action to keep freedom alive.

Similarly, in my lifetime, I saw it after 9/11.

Revisit your feelings for a moment about the weeks and months that followed the terrorists attacks on America in September of 2001. Everyone mourned, whether or not you lost someone you knew in the tragedy or not. For weeks afterwards, people adorned cars, poles and buildings with flags. And all were stirred by the President’s words when he visited Ground Zero and proclaimed we would not rest until those who harmed us were brought to justice.

Not in my lifetime has a sense of patriotism and national community run so deep. Never before for me had freedom felt so dear.

So I wonder now, “Where has that gone?”

What hope is there for a prosperous and enduring future if freedom is absent? When it isn’t something we wholeheartedly aspire to? Without freedom, we lack the ability to choose our own path in life, leaving it to be determined by someone else. We lose our aspiration to greatness and settle for mediocrity.

Simply put, without freedom, we have nothing.

Is there a solution? Yes, and it starts with each of us alone. We cannot afford to give up the freedoms our Constitution outlines and we must not assume that freedom is a given. Maintaining our passion for freedom is an everyday, vigilant activity we must all pursue.

A Soldier’s Pledge

Freedom starts with you. It starts with me. Therefore, each of us acting alone can collectively keep American greatness and freedom alive. And we can start that journey by humbling ourselves each and every day to thank God and the men and women who have given their lives for this country for the freedoms we have.

One soldier from our past believed this. He knew there was no place like his American home and, that acting alone, he could make a difference. Martin Treptow’s story will inspire you. Take three minutes of your time today to watch the video below and hear his courageous words. Be inspired to believe in American freedom and greatness again.

Thank you men and women of our armed services for your dedication to duty and the sacrifices you make every day.

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Leave a Comment or Answer a Question Below: How do you feel about the soldier’s pledge? Do you feel America’s best days are behind or ahead of us? Finally, how do you think we can keep the pride in our country and our freedoms from every waning?

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  1. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says

    That’s how they used freedom (choice), how do we use ours? I use mine to be the best I can be. A good reminder for all of us, Brian.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Brian! An important reminder on Memorial Day.

  3. “Those who say that we’re in a time where there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look.” I love that quote and it’s so true. A very inspiring video for a very special day. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very thoughtful post for today, Brian. Wishing you a happy Memorial Day with your family.

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