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If You Do Anything This Year, Please Consider Receiving This Gift

…the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 6:23

giftHow are those Christmas gifts working out for you? What level of satisfaction are you receiving from them? Wish you had received something else?

Gifts are awesome! My wife and I have bought many gifts for the house that have enhanced our family life. One of note a few years ago was a a 100+ yr. old oak pedestal table for our kitchen eating area. We had been looking for a larger kitchen table for the family because the six of us were sitting so close together we were knocking knees under the old one. Some nights it was just easier for me to eat standing up, plate in hand.

We have received so much satisfaction from that table. We have physical space so we are not breathing on other people’s food. Dinners are relaxing and comfortable.

But while it was a great gift to ourselves and does provide a convenience, in the end it’s just a thing. It’s a possession that won’t last. It’s a personal asset that does not fulfill any deep emotional or spiritual needs inside our souls.

The Pursuit of Assets

People are always looking for assets – something to fill a void in their life.

Of course, the most obvious asset we pursue is money or possessions. A lot of that or a good many of those will make us feel secure and meet our deepest needs. It seems to be the magic path to the secrets of peace and contentment.

But money and possessions isn’t everyone’s thing. Some people pursue relationships to fill the void. Others try a chemical substance or fame, food, sex, technology, or education.

In the end, none of it completely satisfies. For many then, the void remains, never to be completely filled.

There is, however, a gift that’s been offered that can fill the vacancy. Because it’s a gift, it has no monetary cost to you, even though the gift itself was given at great cost. All you have to do is believe and freely receive it.

The gift that awaits you is eternal life in heaven and a chance to renew a broken relationship with God.

The Gift of Salvation

The gift of salvation God offers won’t solve all your problems. It won’t keep you from getting sick. It won’t remove all conflict from your life or help you get rich quick.

But I can say this from experience. When you are wading through trials and the junk of life, you can still experience peace.

If we are honest with ourselves, deep down we all know there is a meaning and purpose to life. It seems to elude us though like the wind we cannot see or grasp.

I want you to know that search for meaning can end today. God has patiently been waiting to come into your heart, to fill that void and be a guiding presence in your life.

Don’t listen to that voice inside your head saying, “You don’t need to believe that…you are doing fine on your own…God’s just a myth.” Make this the year that changes everything. Talk to God today and ask him to fill your void.

It will be the most precious gift you ever receive.

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Respond to a Question or Leave a Comment Below: Have you ever received or purchased something only to realize it did not bring the level of satisfaction you thought? If you have received God’s gift, how has he changed your life? 

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  1. great job sharing the good news!

  2. Student Debt Survivor says

    Great message. Stuff is just “stuff.” Stuff doesn’t make you happy (or it might, but only temporarily).

  3. Great post, beautiful message. No thing can ever replace the gift of eternal life.

  4. Awesome post Brian. There is nothing better than knowing Christ indeed and the Gift is really out of this world.

  5. jefferson @seedebtrun says

    Well said, Brian. If everyone just took a moment to stop, open their heart, and try and figure out what god has planned for them.. They would realize that they can make a difference in the world, and that their life can have real meaning..

  6. Done by Forty says

    I love the courage you speak with when discussing God on this blog, Brian. God bless you for that.


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