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Now That’s What I Call Love

Hidden Nuggets #28“Love never fails.” – I Corinthians 13:8

HandsThese hands have seen many years.

Time has not been kind to the physical features. These once vibrant hands have aged into a wrinkled shadow. The attempt to elude time’s impact on the body has failed. Time ages us, one and all.

The belief we can escape time’s impact is folly. Yet it is not all-powerful. In this picture, I find three evidences of time’s failure:

Time failed to keep their hands apart.

Time couldn’t pry loose the rings.

Time never broke their foundation of faith.

For 62 years these hands practiced on each other the words printed beneath them in the Bible passage. Words that say love should be patient and kind. It should not be proud or rude or selfish. It should hate all evil and find joy in the truth.

Love bears all things, hopes for all things, and endures all things.

Love never fails.

I witnessed the hand on the bottom live out the truths in those verses. It watched the hand on the top deteriorate until the mind to which it was attached no longer recognized whose hand it was she held.  Degenerative brain disease and disability took her ability to understand and communicate, but it could not shake his caring and love.

Day after day he’d visit, sit with and eat with her.

On occasion her mind would return and for a brief moment she’d remember his face. They would share a quick memory, a smile or perhaps a song. She always loved to sing.

And so the pattern went, month after month, year after year as he watched her sink further and further away…until she was gone.

Tomorrow – Feb. 15, 2014 – the hand on the bottom turns 100. The whole family will be there to celebrate.

I can’t help but think the hand on the top will be watching from heaven – fully restored in fullness and smiling.

On this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to say “Thank you Grandpa” for what you’ve demonstrated to our entire family. Your words and actions through the years have taught us what it means to endure…to sacrifice…to be faithful…and to love. You can rest assured knowing your story and legacy will live on in the next generation.

What are you sacrificing today for the one you love? How does your love endure through the hard times?

Image by Luke1428

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  1. Done by Forty says

    I’m late with a comment, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this post. Really beautifully written, Brian.

  2. Wonderful post Brian. Your grandfather sounds like he truly knew how to love your grandmother. Happy Birthday to him – 100 is incredible!

  3. Beautiful post Brian, best birthday wishes to your grandfather.

  4. Love the message and the story brother! My wife has endured so much for our family from multiple deployments to unconventional work hours, all and all she does it “mostly” with a smile. I couldn’t be more grateful.

  5. Tear Jerker dude! Happy birthday to your Grandpa, that is wonderful! My grandmother is right around the corner at 96, so I can relate. I hope you all have a nice celebration, great post!

  6. Awe that got my weepy. So beautiful!! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

  7. Oh Brian, so beautiful. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa. 100 years – how amazing and absolutely his wife/your grandma is smiling down from heaven.

  8. that’s beautiful 🙂 Hope your family has a wonderful celebration!


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