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Cheer Up: Your Worst Day Wasn’t As Bad As This Kid’s…


Some days are just simply brutal. You know the kind.

You wake up late because your alarm didn’t go off…and the car won’t start.

Hurried on the way to work, fighting crazy traffic…your mug leaks coffee onto your dress.

At work, you get chewed out by an angry client…even though you did nothing wrong. (They were just mad at the world and you were in the way.)

Because you were late to work, you have to stay late to make up the time…and are therefore late picking the kids up at daycare (thus paying an extra fee).

Tired and not wanting to cook dinner, you blow through the drive-thru…thus breaking your goal of not eating out (because you have really been working on that monthly food budget).

Finally, after all that and the kids are in bed the networks preempt your favorite TV show for the State of the Union address.

You go to bed praying that tomorrow will be better.

As bad and stressful and frustrating as that day may see, it pales in comparison to what happened with this kid…

Pajama Picture Day

Mom sent him to school on picture day thinking it was pajama day. 

Cheer up kid…in 60 years this will make one heck of a bedtime story for the grandchildren.

Readers: What’s the caption that summarizes this kid’s expression? Parents – What’s the funniest goof up you’ve ever done to your child?

Image Credit: Reddit.com

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  1. No Nonsense Landlord says

    Good one. That kid will have that memory for a long time…

  2. Ah ha ha… so funny (and understandable). His picture is priceless. I can’t think of what I did to my kids like this but I’m sure there was something. I’ll have to ask them.

  3. Untemplater says

    Oh my gosh that poor kid. How cute. It may not be funny to him now but one day he’ll have some good laughs!!

    (PS – I created a discus account but couldn’t get it to work so I had to post this as a guest. my login didn’t stick)

  4. Nik @ Midlife Finance says

    The kid is thinking, “I hope this won’t happen again!” He looks so disappointed and he made me laugh! Come on man, you’ve got a priceless and unforgettable experience to remember.

  5. Thanks for the laughs!! I needed that 🙂 that kid sure does have the weight of the world on his shoulders LoL.. come to think of it, there’s a few picture days I’d like to get back when I was young!

  6. Awesome! And yes, his expression is priceless. He’s never going to let his mother live that one down!

  7. “would you PUH-lease hurry up and focus the stupid camera and take the picture!” oh, when my favorite show is preempted by the SOU or a sports game. THE. WORST! 🙂

  8. Dear kid in SpongeBob jammies — you made my day. I actually did not have such a good morning, but when I saw your picture, it gave me a good giggle. Sorry about your school pic, but it’ll be the best one you have out of all of them.

    Dear Mom of SpongeBob jammie kid — I guarantee you that EVERY MOM that looks at this says to herself, “oh wow, that is SO something that I would do!!” All other moms salute you!

  9. It looks like “Look what you did!” Haha, great expression.

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