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Happy Anniversary! Luke1428 Enters the Terrible Twos

Two year old boy cryingIt’s a happy anniversary announcement today at Luke1428. As of July 3rd, I have now completed two years of writing on this blog. In parenting terms, it’s now time to enter the most challenging of all toddler development stages – the “Terrible Twos.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, the terrible twos are characterized by mood changes, temper tantrums and a child’s frequent use of the word “No.” During this time, the 2-year old undergoes some major emotional and intellectual changes that pushes them to become more independent. This obviously creates tension between child and parent as the misbehavior from the child and the frustration of the parent mount.

I have to tell you, the terrible twos don’t have to be a reality. They weren’t for us with any of our four children. So I’m rejecting the notion I’ll be dealing with a recalcitrant toddler as Luke1428 develops this year. Like I did for my biological children this parent has a plan to deal with his two year old blog.

Stay Disciplined to Combat the Mood Changes

It could be easy to relax a bit having two years of blogging behind me. Skip a post here…not give the best effort there…let interaction with the community lapse…leave those broken links broken…etc…etc.

These are the actions of someone who has settled in and become comfortable…who doesn’t see the need to work as hard as they used to when things were new and exciting.

In any aspect of life, discipline remains the key to fighting against the tendency to coast. So I’ll be working harder than ever this year so that nasty mood change of complacency doesn’t take over.

Don’t Throw a Fit When Progress Is Slow

You bet I’d like things to move quicker. “Waiter, can I order more page views NOW please!”

In the blogging world, it doesn’t happen that way. Time, time and more time is required to get your writing noticed. The slow progress requires a steadiness of mind to control the emotions that can frustrate when there is a lack of movement.

So I’ll be listening to my own advice from this past year: slow and steady wins the race for those who can avoid the consequences of short cuts.

Say “Yes” More Often

As I already mentioned, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. We are creatures of habit and don’t like anyone or anything disrupting our routine. So when opportunities come that might prove a disruption to our pattern, it’s easy to respond with a “No.”

That’s the wrong course of action if you want to move forward.

So I’ll be saying “Yes” more often when opportunities arrive. Within reason of course, and only if it fits my overall strategy and goals. If a moment arrives that could propel me forward, then it’s at least worth taking a look at.

Changing things up will keep the blog fresh, the excitement going and spur progress. Hopefully you will appreciate that and keep coming back for more.

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Thank you readers in this community for sticking with me until my second birthday! Here’s hoping my twos won’t be terrible.

[Note: After writing this post, I dealt with my first two year old temper tantrum from Luke1428 this past weekend – the dreaded WordPress White Screen of Death. It’s the reason this post wasn’t published on Saturday. Haha…maybe he is starting to exercise his will after all.]

Do you battle with complacency? How do you keep innovating and fighting the tendency to coast in your life? Is there anything you would like to see here or for me to write about at Luke1428?

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  1. Congrats on turning two. I really enjoy your perspective and I’m looking forward to many more years.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Brian! I am grateful that we connected Brian and I look forward to more great things from you and Luke 1428! Here’s to your continued success! 🙂

  3. Congrats, man! Keep up the good work.

  4. Happy 2 year anniversary, Brian! Now you’ve got me daydreaming about my 2 years and I’m only just 4 months right now! You have accomplished a lot! Nice to look back but nice to look forward too. Congratulations!

    • Thanks…You are doing so well for only having been at it four months. I was hardly keeping my head above water at that point.

  5. Happy blogiversary! Just don’t disappear on us…

  6. Happy Blogiversary! For some reason I thought you have been around longer than that! I always enjoy your analogies so keep up the great work!

  7. FIPilgrim says

    Congrats on the birthday Brian! My “little one” is almost exactly a year younger than yours. Good luck combating the terrible twos, I’m sure it will be a great year for you anyway!

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