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Stop Flirting – 20 Signs You Might be Ready to Get Serious About Money

Engagement RingFrom across the room your eyes meet. He flashes a million dollar smile and gives you a wink. He looks away and you think the brief encounter over. But then, he slyly looks back.

Your heart is racing. Clearly he is communicating something, but is this an act perpetuated on you to satisfy his amusement? Or is he testing the waters, seeing where you stand? Does he have something to offer that could change your life forever?

You’ve been preparing for this type of moment for a while now but a part of you can’t believe what you are about to do. With a twirl of your hair and a sideways nod of your head, you motion for him to join you. Without a moment’s hesitation, he heads in your direction.

What should you say when he arrives? Will others think you are crazy for going after someone you hardly know? You’ve spurned his advances before but could he be the man who will fulfill all your dreams?

“Hello” he says, as he quietly takes a seat next to you. “My names Ben…Benjamin Franklin. I’ve been wondering for some time now if you were ever going to get serious about me. I’ve always just considered you a flirt. Do you really want me this time or should I just go find someone else’s wallet to snuggle into?”

“Yes,” you passionately whisper. “This time I’m ready.”


OK…so that may have been way cheesy. But haven’t we all at some point or another flirted with the idea of getting financially healthy? We winked and nodded at the prospect of doing the right things with our money but never really followed through on it with our whole heart.

So, for all you “money flirts” out there, who may still be confused about your level of commitment, here are some signals that may indicate you are ready for a deeper relationship. If you are experiencing any of these in your life, it may be time to say “I do” to your financial health.  You might be ready to be serious about money if you…

Dave Ramsey HS CurriculumEnjoy going to high school personal finance class. (That’s for all my students out there!)

Have been scanning the newspaper for coupons.

Recently looked up the definition of “budget” in a dictionary.

Learned what S&P 500 stood for.

Finally have a number in your savings account that legitimately needs a comma.

Are paying off your credit cards bills in full at the end of each month or…

Threw out a credit card offer you received in the mail.

Found pleasure recently in giving to a charitable organization.

Started car-pooling.

Crispy RiceAre purchasing the generic Crispy Rice instead of Rice Krispies.

Took the visitor’s tour at Costco or Sam’s Club.

Are working your way through college to avoid incurring student loan debt.

Cook more meals at home and…

Are taking leftovers for lunch the next day.


David Lee RothLearned a Roth IRA had nothing to do with David Lee.

Cut your land line or…

Are willing to give a TV antenna a shot.

Drove past the 2013 models on your way to the used car lot.

Filled out an application for a second job.

Are teaching your kids about it.


No need to flirt any longer people. If you like it, then why not put a ring on it?

OK, it’s your turn. Be funny…be serious. What are some other signs you are ready to be committed on a deeper level with your money?

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  1. As I recall, on our last visit, one of the kids (I won’t say which) expressed some disappointment with the generic Krispies. 🙂

  2. Laurie @thefrugalfarmer says

    Brian, love this! Funny, but totally serious subject matter. It’s time to step up and make the commitment!

  3. Cute post! I think it’s easy to think you’re doing the right things financially, but might actually be flirting (or even cheating on) yourself and your financial future. I got serious about living a financially responsible lifestyle when I decided to pay off my student debt. Since then I’ve been so much smarter about money and have vowed to never go into debt again (except for our mortgage).

  4. Too cute! In all seriousness, you’re absolutely right that a lot of people flirt with getting financially fit for a long time before they put a ring on it. 🙂 Like most things, you really have to want to change to succeed but the pay-off is huge. And I couldn’t agree more that once you master this (or even as you are mastering it) you must teach your children about finances because no one else is. Great post!

    • This post came about because I thought we were financially fit for many years. As I’ve looked back on it though, I realize we were not 100% committed. We were doing a few right things but not enough to really make a difference.

  5. Johnny Moneyseed says

    Beyonce, Van Halen and putting commas into your bank account! Awesome post!

  6. Financial Black Sheep says

    Ha! You made my day! I wish I had this list when I was starting out. For me, looking back, I have to say I started becoming interested in finances when I took a government class in 9th grade and learned about stocks. Then in college I took economics classes all in a row, while dreaming of becoming an economist lol.

  7. Great point Brian, I often think their are areas were I could be more serious with my finances such as budgeting. I’ve started a ton of budgets in my day but most of which I don’t really follow. Thanks for all the tips and the pep talk.


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