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Post Beach Vacation Blues

With the kids on a sandbar at low tide

50 yards from shore on a sandbar at low tide

Our family was blessed last week to enjoy a beautiful vacation on the shores of North Carolina. We spent the week in a gorgeous beach house with some members of our extended family. Just a stone’s throw away.

Each morning I would get up early, go for a run, then sit on the second floor balcony of our beach house.  There is nothing like a change of venue to get the old writing juices flowing. In fact, last Friday’s post “Infamous Days Are Not Showstoppers” was penned as I watched the waves break onto the shore line and felt the gently ocean breezes against my face. Ahhh…vacation.

Now I’m back writing in my usual spot…the basement. No beach scenes here. Just spiders.

Once vacation is over I’m ready to be home. But I dread the week following vacation. The week is always out of whack. First, I’m always a little tired and rundown from all the vacation activities and travel. Then there is a whole day to do laundry.  Wife back to work. Kids bored to tears because the things to do around the house don’t hold a candle to chasing crabs after dark on the beach. A huge trip to the grocery store to restock the cupboards. (The checkout clerk actually made a joke about how full my cart was. Ha…Ha…”Yes, ma’am…I shop for six. Just bag the groceries please.”) Are your post-vacation weeks like this?

Through the post-vacation hangover, I managed to do a little reading around the blogosphere this week. Here is what I found that was helpful to me.

Because I’ve been writing an investing series myself this summer, I was drawn to Buy and Hold: The Path To Wealth at Money Smart Guides. Too many investors are in and out of the market with regularity and this article shows how much damage that can cause.

Jordann at Sense of Cents discusses The Benefits of Paying Off Student Loan Debt Early. A must read for anyone grappling with the emotions of paying back student loan debt.

There is a formula for getting rich. John at Frugal Rules shows us the pathway in How to Become Rich the Right Way.

Finally, nationally known writer and Dave Ramsey team member Jon Acuff details The Frustrating Thing About God. I’ve tried to speed God up and this served as a reminder that it doesn’t work.

Thanks also to those who linked to Luke1428 posts this week:

Mom and Dad Money

Money Smart Guides

The Frugal Farmer

The Heavy Purse

Young Adult Money

One final note. I’m rolling out something new tomorrow that will become a regular Sunday feature at Luke1428. I’d tease you more but here’s to hoping you will just check back. Don’t worry, I’ll tweet it out! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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  1. The week after vacation is always the worst! Especially if you have to start it off with going back to work the next day.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your time here in NC! I know what you mean about the week after vacation. There is nothing fun about it. I really appreciate the mention Brian. I hope you have had a good weekend.

  3. We have been there several times and it’s always proven to be enjoyable. Very relaxing, at least where we were.

  4. Excited to see what’s new for tomorrow. Thanks for the mention.


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