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The Two-Faced Giver: When It Looks Like Rain It’s Supposed to Pour

Hidden Nuggets Series #45– “Whoever falsely boasts of giving is like clouds and wind without rain.” – Proverbs 25:14

the dark clouds of a thunderstormPopup thunderstorms dot the landscape of summertime. You know the kind that develop as the afternoon heat and humidity build. Atmospheric conditions can change quickly producing dark clouds and high winds. The next thing you know, a torrential downpour is watering your garden or causing gridlock on the roadways as you drive home from work.

When an entire weather system crosses through your area, it is obviously going to rain. The front can extend for hundreds of miles, drenching everything in its path. When we see the prediction of 100% rain on the morning news it’s easier to plan the day around the approaching weather. We anticipate and know almost for certain rain is going to come.

Not so with the pop up thunderstorm.

Unlike a weather front moving through, these are often predicted at a lesser potential to occur…20, 30 or 40%…pick your number. Doing that favorite outdoor activity becomes riskier and more frustrating to plan when it may or may not be washed out by a violent thunderstorm.

Sometimes on a 40% chance of rain day, the rain never comes. Clouds build and winds blow then poof…nothing happens. For someone like a farmer who desperately counts on rain for his livelihood, this would surely be a disappointment.

The weather certainly can be a tease. One minute excitement builds that the garden will be blessed with the gift of rain. The next minute disappointment sets in because nothing happened. All the promise was shown but there was no follow through.

Know any people like this? Someone who showed or spoke all the promises of giving but never completed the deal?

In the Bible, Jesus said, “…let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’, ‘No’…” (Matthew 5:37). In other words, don’t promise or swear something will happen then fail to produce on that pledge. Give a simple and straightforward explanation about what you intend to do, then do it. People are counting on your action.

Even worse would be the person who pretends to give but never does. This person parades around boasting of their accomplishments and service, when in fact they have provided none. Such boasting is nothing more than a lie, spoken with the intention of making themselves look good in the eyes of others.

If you plan to bless others by giving, choose to be a front and not a popup thunderstorm. The first brings a 100% change of rain. The other we just can’t count on.

Do you know anyone who always promised to give but never followed through? How did that make you feel?

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  1. Sorry about that…I’m sure that is tough. I’ve been in that spot where I promised something and didn’t follow through. Really makes me feel bad when it involves my kids. I’m really working on not committing if I think there is a chance I won’t be able to do it.

  2. All the time. This town seems especially bad for flaky people. As much as you try to shake it off, it really makes one little notch in the distrusting people department. It also does depend on the particular event though. Some events it’s not a big deal if people don’t show up, and some are.

    • When you are counting on someone to fill a void or contribute to a cause, it’s incredible frustrating when they don’t follow through. And I agree…it definitely leads to distrust in the “can-I-ever-rely-on-this-person-again” department.

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