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102-Year-Old Says You Are Never Too Old to Celebrate

You may be too old to become an astronaut. Your age can hinder you from driving a car or starting another family. Many of the things you used to do when younger may be no longer feasible. But this one thing is surely true – you are never too old to celebrate living into a new year.

you are never too oldHow do I know this?

Because I just spent last weekend with my soon to be 102-year-old grandfather and he has no intentions of slowing down.

Don’t get me wrong. He moves slower than he used to. His hearing isn’t what it used to be and he eats slower than the rest of us.

But his mind is alert and he knows exactly why he is still here…to live and impact people, whomever he can.

At the dinner table Sunday night, my aunt asked each of us to share our biggest highlight of 2015. We each told of an experience this past year that meant something to us. When it came time for my grandfather to end the conversation, he said something I’ll never forget.

Looking up from his plate, he thought for a moment and said, “Well, I’m just thankful to be alive for another year.”

He is celebrating the most precious thing we are given – our own existence.

“What could he possibly have to look forward to at his age?” you might ask.

To your question he would answer (as he did to us that night) that he looks forward to reading and writing. He spends time with his 104-year-old sister. He attends Bible studies. He entertains family and friends. He plays board games and religiously watches sports, including his beloved Chicago Cubs.

And he is preparing a sermon to preach in a month on his 102nd birthday at his retirement community’s church. Two years ago when he preached at his 100th he had the place in tears.

It may not seem like much to us but he thrives on it. He cherishes each day for whatever it brings his way.

You Are Never Too Old to Celebrate Life

Life may have you down right now. This time of year can be depressing for many. If my grandfather could talk with you he’d understand. He’s been through his own share of personal and family trials.

But he’s never lost perspective on what is really important – leaving a positive mark on this world.

He would say that your life matters even if you think it doesn’t. The lives you touch and the things you do for good have a ripple effect that can theoretically expand forever. That’s a legacy-building opportunity you can’t afford to waste.

Choose to celebrate the precious gift of your life. You are never too old (or young) to celebrate it. Live each day with purpose. Look for ways to impact others and appreciate the opportunities you’ve been given.

I have no doubt my grandfather will.

Questions: Have you ever felt too old to do something? Do you agree that you are never too old to celebrate life? What drives you now? What are you looking forward to doing in the future?

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  1. This old man has greater values he acquired throughout his life. He’s definitely living the moment. Thanks for sharing this Brian.

    • “…living the moment.” That’s true Kelly. We usually associate living the moment with a younger generation. But I think it applies even more so to those who are older because, generally speaking, they have less moments to live going forward.

  2. I would not say that it doesn’t seem like much at all! Sounds like he has a very rich and fulfilling life. He looks to be in incredible health, I would never have guessed from his photo that he will be turning 102. How incredible. You are very lucky to still have your grandfather living. He must have some great stories.

  3. What a great man he is! He’s someone we in this generation should look up to.

  4. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says

    This man is really great! He has this perspective in life that everyone must have. Nice Granpa!

  5. Anita Miller says

    This is a man who never stops learning or making a positive contribution to the lives of others. He is
    my dad!

  6. Awesome! We all need a little reminder to be thankful now and then.

  7. Jean-Paul Gauthier says

    Great post Brian! We can learn so much from those who have walked the miles. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Holly@ClubThrifty says

    It’s awesome that he’s still doing so well. Go grandpa!

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