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A Weekly Roundup: The Snowman Edition

Snowman 1I haven’t done one of these weekly roundups recently, but I had some extra time on my hands Wednesday through Friday due to the extreme weather in Atlanta. In case you missed the news, Atlanta received 2-3 inches of snow on Tuesday. It crippled the interstate system leaving many stranded overnight on the roads. There were even some kids who had to spend a night or two at school because they couldn’t make it home.

I wrote about how it created panic, excitement and pressure in my Wednesday post.

Consequently, we had three days off of school, due to the snow and extremely cold nighttime temperatures which turned all the melting snow into ice.  That allowed me to have some awesome time with the kids and also the wife who worked from home for two days. While Mrs. Luke1428 churned out tax returns, the kids and I played around the house, watched some movies and built the snowman pictured here.

Yes, we used real charcoal for the shirt buttons and Toll House chocolate chips to make the outline of the mouth. A few other added accessories like a white bow tie just above the scarf and voilà…a perfect snowman…Georgia style.

His name is Olaf or Bob depending on which child of mine you are talking with. My kids ask for your help in settling the “snowman-name-dispute” – would you name him Olaf or Bob? Share your vote in the comments section below.

In addition to our snowman construction (and multiple snowball fights), I had a little more time than normal to read this week. Here are some reads I found useful:

Matt at Mom and Dad Money asks the question “Struggling to Find Your Motivation? How About Creating it Instead? He is right on point with his thought that sometimes simply starting and having success will lead to an increase in motivation.

Jefferson from See Debt Run explains “Why You Should Stop Complaining at Work.” I agree…no one wants to hear you. And it’s damaging to your own emotional health.

For you bloggers, there are 5 Reasons No One Comments On Your Blog. Pauline at Make Money Your Way details what those are. Make some changes and get some more interaction going please.

On my end, here are some Luke1428 posts that have been mentioned in a recent blog carnival. Thank you to the carnival hosts for including my articles. I greatly appreciate it!

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That’s it for this weekly wrap-up. Don’t know when I’ll do another one. School (and my hectic schedule) pick back up next week. Enjoy the weekend!

Any fun plans for the weekend? Have you built a snowman this winter? Don’t forget to vote below for the snowman name.

Image Credit: Luke1428.com

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  1. earnonline786 says

    i like this post . like to read glad you had fun with the snow

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I remember when I was a freshman at Duke and it snowed 2 inches and the whole city shut down for like 3 days. Coming from Boston where we didn’t have a snow day unless it snowed 2 feet between the hours of midnight and 6am (only a slight exaggeration), it was pretty mind blowing.

  3. Done by Forty says

    I loved that viral post, and the video about clicking the button was too much. I wonder how we personal finance bloggers can tap into the desire for free swag.

  4. FI Pilgrim says

    Gotta go with Olaf, since every snowman my kids built was named Olaf. It’s so hot right now. Glad y’all survived snowpocalypse!

  5. Thank you for the mention, glad you had fun with the snow!

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