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Moments Like This Make Blogging Worth It

What drives a blogger to write?

map of the PhilippinesIn my 2+ years of blogging myself and after reading countless other blogs during that time, I’ve concluded there are three reasons why someone would start a blog:

  1. To make money
  1. To make a difference
  1. To share details about their life

In broad terms that pretty much covers it. However, it’s not an either or proposition. A blogger could narrow their focus to one of these tasks or accomplish all three at once. It simply depends upon that person’s goals and objectives.

I’m going out on a limb to say in the field in which I write (personal finance), the overwhelming majority of bloggers would concede reason #2 has to be a part of what drives them. How can I say that? Because I’ve read their blogs and personally talked with them and this issue always comes up.

We are – somewhere deep down in our nature – desiring to see the things we talk about help other people with their finances.

So we do what we can to reach as many people as possible. And the other day I got a message from an unexpected source that made me realize – really for the first time – that what I’m doing is worth it.

You’re Writing From Where?

I mentioned last week that one of the ministries I love is Allworship.com. At their site they provide free streaming audio of Christian music. People around the world who may not have access to that genre of music in their country can tune in and listen if they have Internet access.

Because I believe in their ministry, we recently partnered together to promote one another. To that end, I installed a banner in my sidebar linking to their site and they published one of my articles in their monthly newsletter. It was a collaboration I was happy to do.

Their newsletter is sent around the world. I had no anticipation of what might come from that. Then I received this personal message the other day…

“…I just want to say thank you for your inspirational blog at Allworship.com…I believe with the grace of God as I continue to read your post it will help me in handling finances and enjoy serving God with financial freedom. God bless you more…”

That message originated in the Philippines.

Mind blown…how cool!

I know the Internet is worldwide and people everywhere have access to my site. There are times though, that the scope of the world wide web becomes more of a realization. My words are impacting someone’s life on the other side of the world in a place that is economically challenged compared to where I live.

I find that extremely humbling and gratifying.

Why Do You Blog?

It doesn’t matter to me why a person blogs. I’m not mad if someone only wants to make money or share every detail about his or her personal life. That’s what freedom is all about – the ability to follow whatever passion you desire.

I’d be missing out if those were my only intentions. I love making money on my blog and I love sharing stories about my life. However, to impact people through my writing will always be part of my agenda. I couldn’t find the motivation to continue if that wasn’t an objective.

Why do you blog? What is your motivation? What’s the coolest personal message you’ve ever received from a reader?

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  1. How awesome is that! So happy for you! When we collaborate with the world, the world collaborates right back. I blog for accountability and to help others. If I can help someone stop being a shopaholic with my stories, that’s fantastic.

  2. How awesome is that! So happy for you! When we collaborate with the world, the world collaborates right back. I blog for accountability and to help others. If I can help someone stop being a shopaholic with my stories, that’s fantastic.

    • It was pretty cool. I share the same desires as you do when it comes to blogging. The chance to help others keeps me coming back to write. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great message! I’m pretty sure that for me blogging fulfills my life long interest in money and helping other people with how to properly handle it.

  4. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says

    I blog because I want to educate, to inform, and to entertain readers. By blogging, I can share my experience to help them somehow or in any way possible. Money just comes after when all your objectives are all set. By the way, it does feel really good when I receive emails of appreciation, which inspires me to write more.

  5. I start blogging for accountability. But I love it when someone says I’ve inspired them or provided information that they find helpful. The BEST comments I’ve had are the ones where people admit I have them thinking about religion (Christianity). Planting seeds…

  6. I started blogging out of pure frustration and used my blog as a way for me to be accountable for myself with getting out of debt. I quickly made a lot of friends and entered into a world I had no idea exists. Now I blog because its an addiction and I love it. Things have not gone perfect as I would have wanted it too, but I am excited about the future of my blog.

    • “…to be accountable for myself…” I know many bloggers started for this very same reason and it’s a valid one. Sharing about my life has brought a level of accountability I did not expect.

  7. Awe that’s awesome Brian! Way to go! I think my reason started as #3, then moved to #3, then #1…all at the same time now of course. It’s a pretty great feeling when someone reaches out to you to tell you that you made them think differently. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • “It’s a pretty great feeling when someone reaches out…” Yes, because they really don’t need to do that. No one is forcing them. So it means a lot knowing they went out of their way just a bit to give you positive feedback.

  8. Very cool! I love seeing how small the world really is. I blog to make that connection. Like, I believe, many writers; I am pretty introverted. I don’t do well with lots of people around but I still have so much to say! If I have a chance to write out my thoughts and potentially share inspiration with many people (without having to bother with chit-chat about the weather first) I’m totally happy!

    I would also like to be a personal finance teacher one day and you can’t know what will help people if you don’t put it out there and see what kind of reaction you will get. So I’m also testing the waters, if you will.

    • “…be a personal finance teacher one day…” That’s a great calling. Having done that I’ll say it was a blast to teach high school age kids about personal finance. I was amazed at how much they ate it up.

      • Right?! It’s amazing how much we need to learn (although it really is quite simple) but so many people fear it and have opted the stick-the-head-in-the-sand philosophy and so their kids never get to learn either. It’s time to learn how to do this and do this well, America!

  9. I’d like to think it’s #2, but fear it’s #3. Talking about the things I think are interesting, even if they’re nerdy or taboo (since they involve money), is probably the real motivation. The blog is an outlet for my brain droppings.

    • I like reading about and sharing personal stories that teach a lesson, are uplifting and provide encouragement. There’s a real connection that can be made with the reader when you make yourself vulnerable by sharing your life.

  10. I started blogging to help other people and as an outlet for my creative energy. However, after a year of blogging, I would say my main motivation is for the community. My life has gotten exponentially more rich since joining the personal finance blogging community. I learn from and get inspired from everyone in it on a daily basis and I take that inspiration and apply it to my company, my clients and my personal life.

    • The community aspect of blogging was something I didn’t anticipate. Completely caught me off guard how generous and supportive people are for one another. Making connections and learning from other bloggers has enriched my life and, like you, given me the courage and energy to keep moving forward.

  11. I blog to share my story and hold myself accountable, I hope my story helps those who read it, and eventually one day have my blog make money for all my time spent making $0!

    • “…eventually one day have my blog make money…” Hang in there with that. I’ve just started to turn the corner in that regard after two years. Granted I’ve been much slower at that than others though.

  12. I blog to share my story in hopes to help someone else in a similar situation. I have received a few personal e-mail like that along the way and it certainly makes my day and worth the effort.

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