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The Beach vs Pool Debate

Summer vacation trip #2 is headed our way soon as the Luke1428 family heads to the beaches of North Carolina. We had great fun on our June camping trip and are looking forward to a week with some extended family members as we share a house at Holden Beach. Being here though once again brings up the beach vs pool debate in our family.

beach vs poolTonya who blogs at Budget and the Beach often shares about her love of all things beach related. A lot of people hate the beach (my wife) and would prefer to soak in the sun’s rays lounging by the pool.  I grew up around pools and even was a lifeguard at one for several years. So if I had a choice I would lean the pool direction. However, I always look forward to going to the beach and usually enjoy myself while there.

The Beach vs Pool Debate

Here are some of the pros and cons that might help you figure out which side you lean on in the beach vs pool debate:

Beach Pros

1. Beaches are more activity focused. Beach volleyball. Frisbees. Surfing. There is even access to jet skis and parasailing in many locations.

2. The rhythmic movements and noise of the water. One of the most relaxing sounds in nature is hearing the waves of the ocean gently break onto the shoreline.

3. Walking.  Again such a relaxing activity to walk barefoot in the sand on the edges of the water.

beach vs. pool4. Kids love the sand. It allows their imagination to run wild as they build elaborate sandcastles or simple channels to collect water. And the ultimate kid/sand activity…the body burial. Absolutely awesome to have your whole body covered with sand and then to burst out of it like you are rising from the grave.

5. Sunsets over the ocean are priceless.

Beach Cons

1. The sand. Let’s face it…the sand gets everywhere the moment you step on the beach and you cannot rid yourself or your belongings of it the whole time you are there. Better put on the sunscreen beforehand or you will be rubbing lotion and gritty sand all over your body.

2. The salt water. Absolutely no fun to swallow it, which often happens accidentally as we swim and dive.

3. I really enjoy sitting in the sun poolside and having my feet dangling in the water at the same time. Doing that at the beach requires one to either take the beach chair down to the waters edge or sit in the sand where the water breaks onto the shore. And doing that just allows the water to flow sand right up your shorts.

4. It’s a huge risk to take electronics to the beach. Sand and iPads or Kindles do not mix.

5. There is usually quicker access to restroom facilities and refreshments at a pool.

That’s my quick assessment. Which do you prefer? Share your beach vs pool pros and cons in the comments below.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. I am quite a beach person with all the nature. Also since I do Surf Life Saving as well as surfing there I quite enjoy it. But I definetely would love to have a backyard pool as that would be my place every afternoon.

  2. I love the beach. Pools are pretty boring to me. My mom is the exact opposite – she will sit by the pool all day long with a book, dipping in and out when she needs to cool off, and she hates the ocean. I find the beach is usually more calming; even when it’s crowded there’s more space than at the poolside, and if the actual pool itself was full of people I think I’d feel a little claustrophobic. I don’t actually go in the water at the beach, maybe knee deep, but nature is prettier!

    • I remember days when I was growing up that it was so crowded at our local community pool you could hardly move in the water without bumping into someone. Not a fun experience. And you are right…you can’t beat the views from nature.

  3. John S @ Frugal Rules says

    I like them both, but would have to go with the beach – especially at the Ocean. You can go to the pool any ol’ time, but there is just something special about the beach. The sand though, is a drawback…especially with little ones. 🙂

    • I think there is a distinct difference between ocean beach and man-made lake beach. I much prefer the first. Something about not being able to see land at the other side makes it more special to me.

  4. Well of course you know I love the beach, but when it comes to swimming I’d take the pool any day!! I never go in the water if you can believe that. I used to when I surfed but not now. I do miss the refreshing dips into the pool. As far as sand, I’m totally used to and comfortable with it being everywhere on your body. lol!

  5. Laurie @thefrugalfarmer says

    Thanks for the mention, Brian! Beach or pool, tough call. A pool in the back yard would be ideal for me, though. No driving anywhere, clean water – I’m in! Have a great time in NC. That’s one of the vacation destinations on our wish list!

  6. Any vacation is good for me. I do like the beach though. Which beach in NC are you going? My brother lives in Wilmington and I am up in Raleigh, so I head down to see him on occasion. I hope you enjoy it! I also really appreciate the mention Brian.

    • You bet Grayson. We are going to Holden Beach. It’s just east of the NC/SC border, up the coast a bit from Myrtle Beach. Never been there before so I’m looking forward to it.

  7. I’ll take either! I love them both. Hope you guys have a great vacation!

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