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6 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Deciding to sell your house is an exciting time. Even though there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done, most people hope they are able to sell their house in between three and 10 days. However, there are numerous factors from location to price that affect how long you will have to wait to hear an offer.

You certainly do not want to wait months or even years to sell your home. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can employ to increase the likelihood of a quicker sale. We implemented some of these just last year when we sold our home. I firmly believe it helped us sell it as fast as we did.

Think Like a Buyer

You need to think critically and look at your home from another perspective. You need to decide if you would spend a lot of money on this house the way it looks now. Would you buy your home if you were a buyer?

It is naturally prudent to clean up around your house. However, you need to go the extra mile. You want to pay attention to every last detail.  Even something as small as a little dirt in the grout could turn people off.

One of the most important features to clean is the windows. You want as much natural light coming inside the abode as possible. You might even decide to take down those curtains to let in more light.

Invest in the Small Things

It also does not hurt to invest a few hundred dollars in a few touch-ups. You should consider painting the exterior of your home to make it really stand out from the curb. You may also want to think about mulching the front yard, trimming the trees and bushes and pressure washing the driveway.

In addition to painting the outside, you may have a room or two inside that needs a makeover. It’s worth the money to paint those rooms and areas like hallways where there has been heavy traffic.

Keep in mind, it takes most people less than 10 seconds to figure out if they are interested. They already have formed an opinion before they step out of the car. So you need to make a great first impression.

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Set the Scene

When potential buyers walk into your home, they should be able to envision themselves living here. For the dining room, you should set the table with good china. Make sure to set up the living room in a cozy manner, so people would feel like spending hours at a time in the room.

People should be able to see your family has lived here, so adorning the walls with pictures can really help, too.

Rearrange If Necessary

You want prospective buyers to be able to walk around comfortably around the inside so that you can sell your house fast. Rearrange the furniture so that people do not constantly bump into items. This may require you to rent out a storage unit temporarily to store bulky items you do not need. We have done this for every move and it really opens up the house. Buyers will love all the space it seems like your house has.

Make sure to talk to your real estate agent to see if he or she has any suggestions. Agents can bring in a fresh perspective that you may be missing.

Price It Right

You naturally want to get the most out of your home sale. However, it is always better to get an offer as quickly as possible. The first 30 days of a house being on the market are the most important. If potential buyers see that your house has been for sale for several months now, they may wonder what is wrong with it. This will result in lower offers.

Put it on the market for a fair price, and you may even start a bidding war and get more than the initial asking price.

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Make It Easy to Show

You should provide as many open houses as you can. You should also be open to showing your house in the morning and at night. You can get more people to come in if you are flexible on the times.

Additionally, it is good for you to leave while the house is being shown so that the lookers do not feel like they are being intruded upon. Give people their space to talk freely. They will appreciate that.

With the right technique, you could get an offer on your house in as little as a week. This allows you to move into your new home sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is to be tied down for a long time, just waiting and waiting.

Questions for Discussion: What other tips can you think of that might sell a home quickly? What has been your experience with selling a home? Did it go well or poorly? 

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