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An Unintentional Coke Zero Detox

Coke ZeroThe other day, after a rugged morning of shopping with three of my kids, I treated them to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company. Peanut butter and jelly kids meals for them; hot pastrami on rye with spicy mustard for me. And of course, drinks and chips all the way around.

At the drink dispensers, there were multiple drinks that I would consider health(ier) options: water, light lemonade, light pomegranate lemonade, regular unsweet tea and unsweet green tea. I went with another option – Coke Zero. At least it doesn’t have sugar in it.

I love Coke Zero! Have been drinking it for years (maybe one or two a week – nothing outlandish). Regular. Vanilla. Cherry flavor. Doesn’t matter. I even got turned on to Sprite Zero in the process.

But something odd happened when I sat down at the table and took the first cool sip.

It didn’t taste good. “Something must be wrong. What’s going on here?” I thought. This has been my go-to soda. Why didn’t I like it? It reminded me of the first time I tried it years ago (didn’t like it initially then either). I couldn’t drink half the cup and eventually dumped it out in favor of some green tea.

In that moment the reason dawned on me. I hadn’t drank any in the last six weeks. I had forgotten the commitment I made at the beginning of my training schedule six weeks ago to drink less soda leading up to the October marathon in Baltimore. Evidently I had been really drinking less – as in none.

I didn’t intend for my abstinence to turn into a total detox situation. Seems like it has though. It’s interesting that my body does not miss it. In a way, it makes me sad because I love it so much (especially vanilla!). But I know in the end it’s healthier for me if I don’t drink as much.

What drink would you have a hard time giving up?

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Thanks to Budget and the Beach for linking this week to my article entitled “Trayvon, Zimmerman and Our Road to Healing.”

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Summer is quickly coming to a close. πŸ™

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  1. It’s awesome that you forgot about it! When I’m trying to cut back on something all I think about is that something. I don’t drink soda at all, but I wish I could cut out sweets like baked goods.

  2. Untemplater says

    Soda is way too strong for me now. I drink water most of the time. Tea occassionally.

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Thanks a ton for the mention! Cat’s article this week was definitely a good one. I would have trouble giving up soda in general. It’s really become a “comfort” drink for me, as I usually have one can a day. Recently I’ve really been loving Vanilla Coke, so I’d say that would be the hardest drink for me to give up.

    • You bet DC! I cut back on soda a few years ago before I started running because I thought the reduction in caffeine might help my slightly elevated blood pressure levels. I’m cutting back a bit more now as you read to get better types of fluids in my body for running. I love Vanilla Coke also! I’ll sneak a sip from my wife when she is not looking. πŸ™‚

  4. TacklingOurDebt says

    Thanks very much for the include!
    I think you are right. Once you stop drinking it for a while and then go back it just doesn’t taste the same, but sometimes the fountain drinks aren’t mixed well either. I prefer bottles when I do drink soda.

    I actually use to love regular coke until years ago when they started messing with all the formulas. Remember that? Now I don’t enjoy the regular or the zero version anymore.

  5. I love Coke Zero too, but my mom never let me drink soda so I don’t drink soda hardly ever at all. Might have helped me save a few calories! lol

    I’m on detox mode for 2 weeks myself after 4 weeks stuffing my face abroad.


  6. It’s funny how our bodies do that. I was reading about how our bodies will stop craving unhealthy things like bread, pizza, pasta and sweets (all things I used to love) once we stop eating them. I didn’t believe it, but in an effort to be healthier I stopped eating those foods so often. The craving is definitely gone! Pasta seriously used to be my favorite thing to eat and now I rarely look forward to it. Weird!

  7. Laurie @thefrugalfarmer says

    I was a huge diet pop drinking until I read an article not too long ago about the dangers of Aspartame. I’d always known it probably wasn’t good, but this report laid out specifics, and it broke my habit real quick. Yikes!! Thanks for the mention, Brian, we appreciate it. Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

    • I’ve read a bit of that too but never gave it much thought. Maybe I should. Seems like everyday there is a research report out saying something else is dangerous. Next thing you know drinking water and breathing will be bad for your health. πŸ™‚

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