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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Him This Christmas

Do you have trouble shopping for that special guy in your life? Let’s face it, men are tough to shop for. It’s not easy to crack our code and find out what we’d really like to receive as a gift.

last minute gift ideas for himWaiting until the last minute to shop of course adds even more pressure. You’ll probably panic and end up buying him some socks. Not that we wouldn’t appreciate it – we’ll love any gift we get (or at least pretend to love it). In the interests of helping my men-fellows though, here are some last minute gift ideas for him that we’d appreciate even more.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Him

Of course you know your man best. Some of these last minute gift ideas for him may not work. Additionally, you may have financial limitations that prevent these purchases. But I’m pretty sure, if you can afford it, he’ll absolutely love these items:

1. Any food item. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Isn’t that the old saying? So load him up with some food items – especially meats. Some Omaha steaks or a summer sausage/cheese/cracker gift box may be just what the stomach ordered.

2. Clothing accessories. Clothes may be too personal an item to buy. He may not care for the item you select. But I can’t see him getting upset if you splurge on some accessories. Think watches, sunglasses, cuff links, hats, scarfs, leather gloves, etc. Those items are not only functional but help enhance your man’s style. He’ll appreciate that on both counts.

3. Tickets to his favorite sports team. If your man doesn’t appreciate this gift he just has issues.

A way to enhance this gift is to buy him a pair of tickets and let him take a buddy. He may appreciate the gesture so much he chooses to take you instead. But give him the option to let this be a guys night out.

And if you can’t afford or get tickets, just find him some memorabilia from his favorite team. He’ll love it!

4. Gift cards to traditionally manly stores. We are totally OK with gift cards. They are not cheesy to us. Better to let us pick out our own gift than for you to buy something for us we won’t like.

But we don’t want to hang out at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohls or Hallmark stores. Sure there are things there we could buy but shopping there doesn’t set our hearts on fire.

You need to think Lowes. Think Gander Mountain or REI. Think sports stores like Dicks. Think Best Buy.

5. Any item that hits a hobby. This will take some understanding of what your man likes to do for a hobby. Hopefully it’s obvious to you. If he’s playing golf every weekend it should be obvious. If he reads mystery novels at night, it should be obvious. If he spends hours on end in his workshop, it should be obvious. Find him something that connects with what he already loves doing.

6. A day at the gun range. Even if he doesn’t own a gun, this could be exciting. I’m not a gun enthusiast but I’ve enjoyed the experience of shooting them from time to time. Buy him some hours so he can take his own weapons or get some lessons from the pros at the range.

7. Grilling equipment and supplies. Not many things say “manly” more than a grill. Of course if your resources are unlimited you could splurge for a Big Green Egg or a stainless-steel, all-in-one grill. But he’d like anything he could put to use on the grill. Grilling tools would be great as well as barbecue or other sauces to use on his favorite meats.

8. A night at the movies. Men love to (and need to) escape occasionally from the pressures of life. The movies could be the perfect place for that. Hmmm…wonder if there is a big movie coming out this Christmas that he might like to go see?

9. Yard service. Men love to work in the yard but I’ll be honest…it’s nice to have a break from time to time. Connect with a local yard service company to take care of your lawn for a month this spring. Your man will appreciate the time off.

10. A date with you – away from the kids. We love our kids. They bring so much joy to our life. Secretly, deep down though, we still LOVE spending time with our very special someone. So schedule and plan a date night where it’s just the two of you.

And if the date could be something like a few hours at the gun range, followed by some manly shopping, an early dinner at a steakhouse and an evening movie or sporting event…oh man, you would have hit the jackpot with that gift.

Merry Christmas and happy last minute shopping!

Questions: What other last minute gift ideas for him can you think of? Are you a notoriously last minute Christmas shopper? Would your man like any of these things?

Image by Miles at Freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. Great list.. Thanks for this.For me, shopping is like taking opiates.. I like the last one ‘A date‘.. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says

    I gave my dad a pass to his favorite basketball game tomorrow. He really loved the gift!

  3. I gave my husband gift cards and tennis racquet. Gift cards are really useful. He was happy to have received it.

  4. I didn’t buy my husband anything – I’m the worst!

  5. Great suggestions. I have received sports tickets in the past and always enjoyed it. I think most men enjoy “practical” gifts as well. I always like receiving chargers and small, practical electronics.

  6. Great ideas, Brian! Chris would like almost all of them. He’d also tell me anything surf-related would be great too. 🙂 He isn’t hard to buy for (generally), but he will rarely tell me what he wants. He always tells me to spend the money on myself or the girls instead and we smile, then go buy him something that he wouldn’t think to treat himself with. His generous heart is one of the many reasons I love him. Merry Christmas!

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