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Bang On the Drum All Day: Find Your Passion

I’m not a drummer but this song makes me want to be:

Todd Rundgren wrote “Bang the Drum All Day” in 1983 and since then it has become the quintessential anti-work anthem played every Friday night as the factory whistle blows. Or Wednesday night. Or when the Green Bay Packers score a touchdown. Or whenever you feel like not going to work. Just cue this song in your iTunes library and dream how it would feel to have the reality of the lyrics become true in your own life.

I can see how this song gets a bad rap in some circles (especially the boss circles – note verse three). It seems to raise negative perceptions about a task (work) that is fundamental to our ability to make a profit and survive. I believe God endowed humans with a work ethic. It’s embedded deep in our nature to labor and exert ourselves to cultivate a reward. Why should we hate doing something that creates value in our lives and provides so many benefits – both personal and financial – as going to work? Isn’t work beneficial?

Absolutely it is. No doubt.

So is the pursuit of a passion.

The Power of Passion

I find these lyrics from the song teach me some pretty cool things about passion, about finding something you really enjoy doing:

“…I took a stick and an old coffee can, I bang on that thing ’til I got, blisters on my hand…”

Passion demands sacrifice. The implication here is that we pursue our passions even if they are inconvenient, take a long time, and even result in pain and discomfort. I’m staying up late tonight writing this post. Why am I not going to bed? Stating it simply, Luke1428 has become a passion in the last year and I’m willing to sacrifice some sleepy time for it. It’s that important.

“…but my licks was so hot, I made the teacher wanna dance…”

Passion inspires people. When I’m around people doing great things my imagination is aroused. In those moments, over-the-top options are considered that I never thought possible before. Like the time I met an individual on a cruise who was training to compete in a triathlon. His infectious attitude sparked my interest in competitions and running. I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am today if not for that encounter.

“…and I get my sticks and go out to the shed, and I pound on that drum like it was the boss’s head…”

Passion relieves tension. Life does bind us up sometimes with frustration. Work can get tedious and monotonous and we need an outlet for that pressure. My father’s outlet was woodworking. Many a night when he came home from work, after dinner and evening kid time was finished, he could be found in his workshop in our basement repairing and refinishing antiques. That time served as his pressure release valve to recharge his spirit for another day’s work.

Life’s more enjoyable and rewarding when we have passions to follow. Start finding your drum to bang on today.

What’s your big passion right now? Can your work also be your passion?

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  1. Jean-Paul Gauthier says

    Hi Brian – Got a great book to suggest with this post – 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. Chasing the thing I’m passionate about overt the course of the last 6 months – it’s actually working for an organization that promotes being financially fit. You mention that passions demands sacrifice – totally agree, just hope I can afford the sacrifice when the offer comes through. Anyhow, great post, great reminder – thanks!

  2. Shannon Ryan says

    Now I have that song stuck in my head! LOL! Passion is so important. I feel very blessed that my work is my passion. But I also very much believe that if you can’t make a living from your passion, you absolutely must continue doing it for the sake of your happiness and sanity – much like your father did. I’ve meet people who were so driven to find their passion so they could turn it into work and quit a job they did not like. I understand that but I think they were so focused on the finding one tree that they missed the forrest around them.

    • That’s the exact same thing my wife said when I played it for her! She was bouncing around and humming it all morning long. You are absolutely right…people need to continue to pursue their passions whether it becomes a career for them or not. Passions relax us, create diversions, and can connect us with other like-minded people. We all need to find at least one I believe.

  3. well I’m loving my blog and working on that. Also health and fitness, beach volleyball, etc. Video editing is not my passion and I’m usually dreading it sometimes. Kind of sad since that is my main job. I think it also has to do with WHAT I’m working on and WHO I’m working with. It does give me the drive to make changes and move away from that in my life though.

    • The “who I’m working with” is a big deal and I believe leads many people to hate their work. Finding the right group of people who shares your same passions and ideals is a career must in my opinion.

  4. Alexa Mason says

    My number one passion will always be my daughters. But, as far as working I love to write, and blog, and meet other people and I want that to be what I do for a living. I am working on it hope to be able to make it a full time job within another year or so..

    • I definitely think we can rank passions. Family will be at the top of my list as well. That would be great if you are able to transition to making a living at writing and blogging. I know that is appealing to many people.

  5. Holly Johnson says

    I honestly don’t know what my passion is. I love to travel but I do get sick of it after a week and want to come home. My passion is my family, I suppose, and spending time with them. Unfortunately, I don’t get paid to spend time with my family! =)

    • I’m very passionate about my family as well Holly. And although spending time with them doesn’t bring in any compensation, I feel as though I get rewarded in many other ways.

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