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Beauty and Function From a Beast

Dining Room Cabinet

A cabinet base and top, bought separately at auctions, molded together into one.

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing moment because you or someone in your family was trying to do something frugal?

Like…I don’t know…your father gets a swing set from the dump that is missing the A-frame support on one side. To support it, he bolts the end with the missing side to a tree in the backyard so you can use it. (That’s a true story…on my wife’s side.)

The base of this beautiful cabinet that sits in our dining room had real ugly beginnings. It was so ugly in fact, that my mother wanted nothing to do with it. You can see how bad it was by clicking “Continue Reading” below.

Then head on over to my guest post today at Frugal Rules to read about how I helped make an auction purchase of my dad into an embarrassing frugal moment.

Do you have an embarrassing frugal story?

Stage 1 of the cabinet the day it was purchased at auction: 

Torn up cabinet












Stage 2 of the cabinet after my dad refinished it (Circa early 1980s):Refinished cabinet


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  1. My wife bought this over-sized microwave from Good Will for $10.00 two weeks ago. It wasn’t embarrassing or anything, but it was such a pain getting it in the apartment and taking back to Good Will for a refund. I was like, why? and she was like, it was $10 bucks!!!

  2. Six Figures Under says

    My mom would often pick up things, like furniture or toys, from the ritzy neighborhoods on trash day. I was so afraid that one of my friends would see us! Now, I totally stop if I see something at the curb that’s worth keeping. My kids aren’t old enough to care 🙂

  3. Just read your post on Frugal Rules and it’s a good one! I can’t think of anything specific where my parents were frugal and embarrassed me. Wait a minute…yes, my Dad used to use duct tape to repair our car! That was definitely the worst and became a huge joke. I refuse to use duct tape on my car, even if it does help keep it together as it ages haha.

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