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God Is Doing This For You Today (Psalm 23)

psalm 23Perhaps no passage of Scripture is more familiar than Psalm 23. Here, I’ll get you started – “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” Here’s the rest.

What follows below is not my attempt to improve on God’s written Word. I think He did a pretty good job without my help. Rather, it’s just what went through my mind as I read this passage again recently. Perhaps today, we can stop and consider all that God has and is currently doing for us.

My Reflections on Psalm 23

There is Someone watching over my life, and I have need of nor desire nothing.

I am placed where He wants me to thrive, As He guides me, life is calming.

He energizes my inner being.

Over concern for His reputation, He directs me toward virtuous activities.

My life will be challenging and maybe even scary at times, but I need not be frightened by the wickedness of this world.

I am so thankful You are there for me! 

I am relaxed because I know you possess instruments to guide and protect me. 

You get everything set and provide for me even when I face opposition; You have blessed and ordained my life; I cannot grasp my overflowing abundance.

There is no doubt Your kind and gracious hand will be with me to the end, Then I will reside in Your permanent home forever.

Have a joyous day as you reflect on Psalm 23 and all that God does for you.

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