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Reading Worth Your Time (1/26/13)

Reading Time ClockHere are 5 completely awesome posts I read this week. Enjoy your weekend reading!

5 Questions to Ask in Your Search for a Dream Job (Dave Ramsey team member Jon Acuff discusses one of his biggest “hinge” moments and how you can identify yours.)

How to Take the Emotion Out of Investing (Did you freak out over Apple’s 70+ point stock drop this week? John at Frugal Rules offers some great insights on how to lesson the emotions that come with investing.)

Make More Money with Improved Communication Skills (Justin at The Frugal Path discusses how improving your communication skills can help you climb the corporate ladder.)

How to Calculate Your Net Worth and Why You Should (How much are you worth? James at Free In Ten Years shows us how to figure it out.)

A New Years Financial Check-Up: Top 10 Areas to Review (Chris Hogan highlights the major areas of your finances you should be reviewing each year.)

Bonus Read:

The Benefits of a Crappy Job (Even in the worst of job circumstances, you can learn something. Kim at Eyes on the Dollar shares some great experiences.)


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Reading Worth Your Time (1/19/13)

The Difference Between Looking Rich and Being Rich (Is your image more important than financial security?)

Do You Prefer Instance or Delayed Gratification? (Which path do you normally take? The Money Beagle blog discusses the benefits of instant and delayed gratification.)

Young Adults Need Life Insurance Too (Corey at 20s Finances discusses the benefits of insurance for young adults.)

Hiring a Financial Advisor: Clues from the Receptionist (In the market for a financial advisor? A receptionist offers great advice that will help you make your decision.)

The More You Trade the Less You Earn (Are you jumping in and out of the stock market? You are probably costing yourself big money. Money Smart Guides guides you through the numbers.)

Bonus Read: Even More Blogging Tips From a Beginner (New to blogging? John at Frugal Rules shares some great things he has learned.)



Reading Worth Your Time (1/12/13)

Here are five great articles written this week in the blog world. Enjoy the weekend!

10 Financial Lessons I Learned From My Parents Divorce

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) – Can They Help You?

11 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance

Money Lies and the Devil

13 Ways to Save More Money in 2013





5 Articles Worth Your Time (1/5/13)

Here are five great articles I read this week. Enjoy your weekend reading!

10 Ways to Be Rich Without Being Wealthy (Money isn’t everything. Check out other ways your life can be rich.)

How to Stick to an Exercise Program (Want to get in shape in 2013? You’ll need to do these 5 things.)

Why Is My Paycheck Smaller? Understanding Your 2013 Paycheck (This article discusses reasons you are not bringing home as much money in your paycheck in 2013.)

The Advantages of Being a DINK (Dual Income No Kids) (This one is for all you young married couples out there – or for you parents who dream of being a DINK again some day.)

5 Ways to Build Savings (Here are some helpful ideas to help you save more in 2013.)

Bonus Read:

6 Ways Your Brain Attempts to Sabotage Your Goals and Dreams (Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Beat it today!)




5 Great Articles From This Week (12/22/12)

Enjoy these five articles that I found helpful this week. Have a great weekend!

10 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Season Simple (Budget and the Beach blog shares some cool things you can do to take the pressure off this time of year.)

I Got A New Job! (Doing the job search thing or maybe looking for something better? Here are some great insight into how Corey landed his dream job.)

My Best Financial Tip: Stop Being Afraid (Have a financial goal or personal dream? What are you afraid of?)

Is It Time To Retire the Concept of Retirement? (Do we want to retire or do we really want financial independence instead?)

Should You Combine Your Finances When You Get Married? (Some great advice about how combining finances can change a marriage.)


5 Articles Worth Your Time (12/15/12)

Reading I cute boyHere are my top 5 reads for the week, plus a bonus read. Have a great weekend!

The Top 6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Persuade and Encourage Others (Persuasion is a science not an art. You just need the right approach.)

The Social Sickness (Are you a social media addict? Check these profiles to find out.)

Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffet’s 5 Tips To Live By (Here are five things Warren Buffet passed on to his son, Peter.)

Are You Ambitious Enough For Success (Is ambition alone enough to succeed? What will you have to give up in the pursuit of success?)

How Much Should You Invest in a College Education? (Lists some factors that you might consider before pursuing a college degree.)

Bonus Read:

How Much Money Would It Take to Lead a Great Life? (Have you ever left a great situation just for more money? How did that work out? Was it worth it? How much money would it take for you to leave your current job, family, or environment?)


5 Articles Worth Your Time (12/8/12)

Here are my top reads from the week. Have a great weekend!

44 Actions You Can Take Now to Boost Your Energy (What actions would you add to this list?)

How to Ask For a Raise (Want to ask your employer for a raise? This article offers 7 tips on this delicate situation.)

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5 Articles Worth Your Time (12/1/12)

Here are five articles I found particular interesting this week. Enjoy!

The Top Five Regrets in Life by Those About to Die (This is written by someone who worked frequently with patients during their last days on earth.)

Personal Finance Lessons That Should Be Taught In High School (Young people need to have a working knowledge of these six things before they go to college.)

How to Handle Financial Stress (This article gives some practical steps to help you reduce stress in your life.)

Why we buy: The science of shopping (Discusses how merchants spend money to influence us to purchase their items. Gives some helpful changes you can make to avoid spending less.)

That’s Not Frugal, It’s Theft (Have you done these things and rationalized that you were just saving money? You may have been stealing.)


5 Articles Worth Your Time

Here are five articles I read this week that you might find interesting.

I Believe and Am Thankful. (This article is from Erick Erickson, editor of RedState.com. He discusses 1) Marco Rubio’s response/dodge to an evolution question from GQ magazine and 2) highlights some problems Christians conservatives need to overcome with the media and in politics.)

The Hard Lessons of Building Wealth. (This article outlines five challenges we face and usually overlook when starting new things.)

Communication Gap (Health and money may be the toughest topics for families to discuss. Gives some tips on how to break the ice.)

Don’t Choke! 10 Interview Questions (with Answers) That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job.

7 Habits of Wealthy People.