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Sam’s Club Does It Again with Scan-and-Go App for Gas

A while ago, I wrote about how Sam’s Club had introduced a Scan-and-Go app that allows you to scan the barcodes of your items as you shop. It records each scan in a digital shopping cart. When you are finished shopping, you simply check out in the app and leave the store.

sam's club scan and go gasThe huge advantage of this is of course saving time. There is no need to unload and then re-load your shopping cart at the checkout line. You can skip that entirely! And that is a huge advantage when you are shopping at Sam’s, especially during peak hours. Sometimes those checkout line waits can take forever.

Too this day, I am amazed at how many people still do not use this feature on their phone at my local Sam’s.

As you know, Sam’s Club also sells gas to its members. And recently I was greeted with a pleasant surprise when I rolled up to the pump one day to get gas. The interface screen had been changed and a QR code was now staring me in the face.

That’s right…I could now use my Sam’s Club Scan-and-Go app to purchase gas. Let me tell you how it works and then discuss a few reasons why it’s a big deal.

Buying Gas at Sam’s Club Using the Scan and Go App

If your local Sam’s Club has implemented this change, you will see something similar to the image above when you pull up to the pump.

To access this, first you will need to open the Sam’s Club app and click Scan-and-Go button at the bottom. The scanner will open. Hold the reader over the QR code.

The app will then give you the option to choose your payment method. If you’ve been using the app for purchases, then you’ve already probably entered your debit or credit card information in the app. Simply select the method of payment you’d like to use.

You will then see a screen like this one indicating you are being connected to the pump you are using:

sam's club scan and go gas


Once connected, follow the steps on the pump. This really only consists of selecting the type of gas you want to use.

sam's club scan and go gas


Once you have selected your grade, pump your gas. As you fuel, this screen will display.

sam's club scan and go gas


Once you are done, the interface will shut down. And you will receive a digital receipt within the app. Additionally, there is also a follow-up email that is sent to you with specific details (where the gas was bought, the date and time, the pump number, the amount and the payment method used).

Why This is Another Game Changer

For me, Sam’s Club Scan and Go gas is another innovation that is a game changer for several reasons.

First, it’s another time saver. The process is so simple. No fumbling for cards or through purses to find your payment method. Just a few touches on your phone and you are done. If more people used this, it would move the gas lines along faster at Sam’s (which themselves can get long at times).

And it completely removes the issue of forgetting to bring your Sam’s Card to use at the pump. The app is always on your phone.

Another advantage relates to health and safety. By using the app, there is less touching of the interface. You do not need to punch in any numbers on the keypad. The only thing you need to touch is the pump handle. And in the health conscious, post-pandemic world we live in, the fewer communal things we can touch, the better.

The Big One: Added Security

Finally, and probably most importantly on the game-changer list, there is the issue of added security. Gas pumps have long been the target of thieves who want to steal your personal card information. This is done through the use of card skimmers that thieves attach to gas pumps to read the magnetic strip on your card (which contains your name, the card number and the expiration date). That’s all a thief needs to take advantage of you.

There are also attempts by criminals to install cameras to catch debit card users punching in their PIN on the keypad. Again, that’s all a criminal needs to access your funds.

Additionally, there are hackers at work trying to target the chips that are not embedded in most credit cards. This is done through a process called shimming, where a paper-thin device is inserted directly into the card reader slot to intercept and read your card information.

All of these are very difficult to detect. And I’m sure Sam’s has security measures in place to stop these from happening. But then again, you never know. The Sam’s Club Scan-and-Go app for gas helps add an additional layer of security for you as the consumer.

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Leave a Comment or Answer a Question Below: Have you used the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app for gas? Or for shopping inside the warehouse club? What has been your experience? Have you ever had your personal card information stolen at a gas station pump? 

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  1. Just got gas today using the scan and go. Hung up the pump handle and drove away. An hour later someone got gas on the same pump using my account. Beware.

    • That’s really strange. You would think your account would be charged from the very next person to use the pump, not someone an hour later. I’d keep monitoring your bank statements for other transactions that aren’t yours…to make sure that no one has your account information. It’s more likely someone has your info than it is the computer software at the pump allowed this to happen.

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