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How Long Do Common Household Items Last?

Did you have an appliance or other household items that need repaired? One biggie that hit our budget early last year was replacing one of our heating and cooling units. We had to upgrade to a new furnace and air conditioning unit for our upstairs. Needless to say that was pretty expensive.

Since moving to our house over a decade ago we’ve purchased these household items:

2 new air conditioning units, 2 new furnaces, a new refrigerator, a new stove, a new dishwasher, a new microwave, a new garbage disposal, a new water heater, a new dryer, 2 new washing machines (bad luck here), 4 new vacuums (we buy cheap ones), 1 new LCD TV, 1 plasma TV, 2 new garage doors (main and basement), 2 new lawnmowers and countless other electronic devices (computers, iDevices, clocks, etc.)

This is the reality of owning a home…all these items will break at some point. When that occurs you will either have to a) do without or b) replace them.

Research on How Long Household Items Last

The issue here is twofold:

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