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Decorating Your Christmas Tree Doesn’t Have To Hurt Your Pocket

I was out shopping the other day for some festive autumn items to decorate the house for fall/Halloween and guess what I ran into? I turned the corner of an aisle and ran smack dab into Christmas stuff. Yes, the wrapping paper and decorations are already starting to hit the shelves.

kid in front of christmas treeOne of the mainstays of any home during the Christmas holidays is of course the Christmas tree. I have fond memories of Christmas and the giving that surrounds the season. It meant so much to my family growing up, seeing all the love and laughter shared around the Christmas tree as we exchanged gifts.

I will say a nicely decorated Christmas tree adds to the festive nature of the season. And of course trimming the tree is also the perfect opportunity to get the family together and share some quality time. Our kids love the opportunity to put all the decorations on the tree, meticulously placing them so they are spread around just right.

However, it can also get a little bit costly at a time when you’re pinching pennies for those last minute presents. Luckily, there are a few handy hints and tips to get your tree looking fabulous for less, letting you focus your budget on putting more things under the tree instead of on it!

Cost Effective Ways to Trim a Tree

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