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Stop Identity Thieves by Shredding the Right Paperwork

I got back from a fabulous 10 day-vacation yesterday only to be greeted by a box full of mail. We had it held by the post office while we were gone, so it all arrived at once. I could barely get the mail out as it was packed in the box tighter than a shrink-wrapped salami. Most I discarded in the trash before I even entered the house.

paper shredderBut I was careful what I threw away…and so should you be.

For example, always think twice before discarding any credit card offers or monthly bills in the trashcan by the garage. Thieves regularly practice “dumpster diving” — a tactic that involves picking through your trash at night or when you are not at home. They are hoping to find personal information to steal your identity.

For this reason, it would be a wise investment to purchase a paper shredder to destroy all documents that contain sensitive information. But what should you shred and what’s safe to toss in the garbage? What sensitive documents should be kept? And is there a certain type of shredder to use?

The answers to these questions are actually a big deal.

Shred This Paperwork

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