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Giving for the Wrong Reasons This Christmas (Or Anytime)

salvation army bucket

Image courtesy of salvationarmyusa.org

The calendar has now turned into December and that means our thoughts are shifting focus towards Christmas. There will be so many activities to attend, so many destinations to travel to, and so much delicious food to consume.

And there will be so much giving that takes place.

December is the month specifically devoted to giving. We regularly give in many ways throughout the year, but it all seems to come focused together during the December holiday season. Schools have students bring in clothing items for distribution to children from low-income families. Pastors preach sermons and urge their congregation to fill local food pantries. The Salvation Army kettles show up outside department stores. And of course, families celebrate the season by gathering around the tree on Christmas morning.

These are all good things designed to meet needs and bless people at a special time of the year.

However, if we are not careful, we can get hooked into giving for inappropriate reasons. This can have a negative impact on our budget, not to mention our emotional and psychological makeup. That’s why it’s important to analyze to whom we are giving and why.

Giving For the Wrong Reasons

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