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8 Amazing Christian Leaders

For those in the Christian faith it can be difficult to wade through the hundreds of pastors uploading new sermons to YouTube every day. How do you have the time to consume all the information that is being published?

a cross by the oceanMore importantly, how do you know which ones are preaching the true word of God? Which can you trust to be consistent with their message and create real value for your spiritual future?

While there are many great leaders doing incredible work for God, here are 8 quality names to keep your eye on.

1. Rick Warren

Rick Warren is one of the most famous names in the Christian world today. Not only does he lead a “megachurch” in California and have more than a million followers on Twitter, but he also has authored several best-selling books, including his best-known work The Purpose Driven Life.

2. T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes is known for his passion across all denominations. In fact, his church of 30,000 is entirely non-denominational, allowing members of all different codes and creeds to come together and worship the Lord in harmony.

3. Ed Young

The founder of the highly influential Fellowship Church, Mr. Young has made a name for himself with his energy, zeal and unwavering dedication to saving souls. If you’re looking for someone to light a fire under your faith, this is the man to do it.

4. Andy Stanley

The author of more than a dozen books, Andy Stanley has wowed his congregation at North Point Community Church with titles like “The Seven Practices of Effective Ministry” and “Can We Do That? Innovative Practices that will Change the Way You Do Church.” The focus of his ministry is on building local churches and providing worship opportunities for people who have never attended or lost their passion for church.

5. Marcos Witt

Do you enjoy a little music with your prayers? Marcos Witt has won five Latin Grammys for his Christian albums. If you enjoy an old-school style of worship that involves raising your voice in celebration of Jesus, Mr. Witt is right for you.

6. Louie Giglio

Young people, this is the pastor for you. Not only is he full of vigor, but Louie Giglio also runs the “Passion Movement,” an annual gathering for college-aged Christians who want to mingle with others while also reaffirming their faith. He also has been an aggressive advocate in the fight to end human sex trafficking.

7. Chip Ingram

An accomplished pastor, speaker and author, Chip Ingram in the senior pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California. He is also president of Living on the Edge, an international discipleship ministry that produces curriculum designed to help Christians live like Christians in an ever-changing world.

8. Matt Chandler

A relatively young pastor, Matt Chandler leads The Village Church, a Southern Baptist church located in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas. He regularly puts his sermons on iTunes and interacts regularly with his Twitter followers. He’s all about embracing God in a 21st century way, so look him up if you need to reconnect with yourself in an increasingly digital society.

These are just 8 leaders for Christians to watch. Whether you’re looking for a trendy youth counselor or a wise community leader, it’s important to find a shepherd you can trust when walking through the world of the Lord.

Questions: What spiritual leaders stand out to you? What impact have any of these men had on your life?

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  1. I love that you offer information on these pastors that offer the true word of God. I am a strong Christian in a new area and want to find a new congregation. I will check out each of these pastors sermons. Thank you for sharing.

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