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How to Choose a Company for an Excellent Moving Experience

My wife and I have moved five times in our adult, post-college life. Each one occurred at a different stage of our marriage and presented its own challenges. In the end, all the moves worked out well and we were glad we made the move.

Moving can be a hassle. Why? The answer is obvious – you are relocating all your earthly possessions. When you have a lot of things, the process becomes really hectic, sometimes overwhelming. And the last thing you want to have happen is to have a bad experience or for there to be damage to your stuff.

With that in mind, using a moving company may be the best alternative to make sure that your items will be safe. Additionally, it reduces the work load on yourself. It is hard work to move your own items, even if you have help from family and friends. 

However, there are many moving firms and choosing the best one can be a challenge. That is one reason many people just choose to do the move themselves. 

With moving companies, the charges will vary, so cost may be an issue. When signing the agreement, you will need to discuss your expectations with the company and let them know what you are looking for. To that end, the following points will assist you in choosing an appropriate moving company

The Company’s Reputation Matters

The reputation of the company matters. If no one else has confidence in them, then why should you. You shouldn’t ignore bad information or reviews. 

Getting information from previous customers helps you in confirming the company’s integrity and ability to do the job correctly. Visit the company website to find out what previous customers say about their experience. Most customer reviews are from clients who have used an agency’s services to give an accurate picture of the company.

Referrals from relatives and friends also help. This is probably the first place to look, as someone who knows you personally will tell you exactly what the experience was like for them. They will not recommend a company with poor services.

If you do go online to check out reviews, make sure to look through them to find information about various aspects of the company. You will get a headline review but dig deeper into it. See what customers say about packaging services, overall cost, timelines for completion, worker experience and extra services that may be offered that are not factored in to the baseline coast. 


Every company has varied rates. This is based on many factors including the time your assignment will take plus the number of movers they will use.

Keep in mind, the price you pay should give you value. If a company charges higher rates, they need to justify it by telling you what extra services they offer. Otherwise, it is not right to pay a higher price than the market rates.

You can get moving quotes from the internet to compare different companies’ rates before picking one that suits your budget. Your budget needs to guide you on which moving company to hire. The price needs to come as a package. Avoid paying additional charges for packing or arranging your goods. 

While your budget may have to guide you in the selection of a company, don’t skimp on this item. It will be worth it in the long run to possibly pay a little bit more for a better company that will provide you with top notch service. Your relocation is a big deal and you don’t want it to become a nightmare.

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Insurance And Licensed

Hiring a properly licensed company prevents you from being harassed by insurance companies. Confirm if the moving company is licensed so that, in case you have to claim damages, you don’t get challenged. Remember, if the company is not properly licensed, the state will not recognize them.

Having insurance also gives you confidence that your language is safe. In case of any loss or damages, you are sure of compensation. In addition, having insurance makes a company responsible as they may not want to lose business because of frequent claims.  

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The reputation of the company is critical. You don’t want to engage a company with a history of breaking goods or losing goods. A company that has been around for a long is likely to give you good services as they have mastered the trade. After looking at all the factors, it helps to get moving quotes online to compare prices in relation to the service they offer.

Leave a Comment or Answer a Question Below: Have you ever hired a moving company before? If so, how did it go? What other advice would you give people who are looking to hire a moving company? 

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