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How To Take To The Open Road (And Earn Money When Doing So)

Covid-19 has caused a lot of havoc with people’s finances. You may have noticed a significant dip in your expendable income, the amount you have left over after paying your basic bills. Whether whether this is the result of reduced working hours or company cut-backs doesn’t matter. You see it and feel it in your everyday life.

There are steps you can take to combat this issue, like prioritizing your spending habits when making a budget or trying your hand at investing. However, one of the ways you probably thought of immediately was to be on the lookout for a new way in which you can earn more money. Whether you call it a side hustle or just getting a second part-time job, when a crisis hits, this is the route many people take. 

One note of caution though. If you will be taking on more work, you must look for work that you will at least enjoy. Doing work you enjoy makes it easier to deal with extended working hours and any of the accompanying pressure that comes with juggling multiple jobs.

Likewise, if you are seeking a new full-time position, it is equally important that you focus on what you love. There are ways to figure out what you love and what type of new career might satisfy you. Work through this process carefully before jumping into something new. The last thing you want is to switch careers and find out you really don’t like the new career you’ve chosen.

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A Career for Those Who Love the Open Road

There are many types part-time jobs to chose from and careers you can transition to for full time work. To know what’s a good fit will require some exploration of your passions, personality and future goals. In other words, you have to know yourself, what you are good at, what you want to accomplish and what is going to make you happy in the long run.

For a not-so-obvious example, some people love to drive. Count me among them. A long road trip is not something I dread.

So, for those like myself who like the open road, you might choose to focus on a career that allows you to spend more time behind the wheel. This could include taking on work as a delivery driver for a local restaurant, turning your car into a taxi (think Uber driver) or even something that allows you to drive further distances. 

One way in which you can do this is by working as a truck driver for companies such as Shiply (https://www.shiply.com/us/truck-loads). The trucking industry serves as one of the major backbones of any country’s delivery system. It’s through their efforts we receive many of the products we use on a daily basis.

This line of work has may benefits. For example: 

  • You get to spend more time on the open road and see the country. Whether you are completing tasks in your local area or transporting goods further afield – each day is entirely different. Every job is different and unique from the others.
  • You can increase your skills and become a better driver. As with any skill, the more time you spend focusing on it, the better you will become. 
  • It can put you in charge of your own work schedule. This means that you can take on jobs at a time that is convenient for you. You are quite literally in the driving seat – and can turn down any work that doesn’t fit around your schedule. This means you have the options to take on full-time work or the odd job when you are looking to boost your monthly earnings. 
  • You have the opportunity to set your own rate or discuss the payment directly with the person whose shipping you are transporting. This means that you will feel more valued in the workplace, as you only have to accept projects where your time and efforts are appropriately rewarded. As Shiply allows all parties to provide each other with a rating – you can increase the money you charge as your reputation grows. 
  • There is no limit to the amount of work that you can take on – as new jobs are uploaded to Shiply’s board every 30 seconds. This means that you can be selective about the kind of work you take on as you are not limited to working in any specific area. 
  • To start working with Shiply, you do not have to pay any sign-up fees or subscription rates – meaning that the money you earn is entirely your own.

The above example with this company shows that you can find all that you are looking for in a career change. There are many companies out there that can fill the void in your life and in your finances that you are looking to fix. So do some soul-searching and research about what companies might be right for you. Your best career may be just around the corner.

Leave a Comment or Answer a Question Below: Have you ever made a career change? What were some of the unique challenges you faced? Is there anything you would have done differently in the process? Would you ever take on a career or a side hustle as a driver? 

Image courtesy of Norbert Kundrak at Unsplash.com

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