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Start a Side Hustle While Still Working Full-Time With These 4 Tips

Side hustles are quite common among Americans in today. You’ll find that many people will have an additional job that they do on top of their full-time job. They do these gigs for many reasons – out of passion, as a hobby, out of necessity or to make their budget work. Still others have hope that their side hustle it will one day become their new full-time job.

Side hustles offer many unique opportunities. However, not many can take one on and quit their day job at the same time. Quite often, the side job comes while the person is still working full-time.

Don’t let that shy you away from the challenge though. Holding down a side hustle can be done. Here is how.

Four Tips for Starting a Side Hustle

If you’re interested in a side hustle, we have four tips to help you out if you’re still working full-time.

Learn How to Prioritize Your Schedule

Once you add more to your plate, you’ll quickly realize the importance of prioritizing your schedule, especially when your side job gets busier. Everything will feel like it is the most important task at that time. However, you’ll have to identify what can get put on the back burner and what can’t.

Start your week off by creating a list of all the essential tasks to accomplish. Have a section for pop-up tasks that will come in the middle of the week. Organize the list based on due dates, what is a necessity, and what could handle waiting until next week if you don’t get to it.

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Have a Designated Space for Your Side Job

Most side hustles often are something you do from home. If that’s the case, you’ll want a designated space at home for you to do your work. Sitting at the kitchen table while the rest of the family relaxes around you, won’t help you concentrate.

If you have a spare room, convert it into your office. For those with a limited amount of space, set up a partition in a large room to keep things separate. Getting a small loan from companies like Credit Ninja will help you get the supplies to set yourself up.

Get a Paying Customer

Before you push your side business too far until there’s no return, validate it by having one paying customer. If you can get one person to pay for your product or service, then you know there is a market, even if it’s small, for what you’re doing. It’s better to start slow and get that validation to continue instead of diving in head first only to find out that your idea isn’t something people are interested in.

Set Yourself Milestones

Milestones are an excellent motivator and will help you stay on track with your plan. In the beginning, keep your milestones small. Remember, you still have your regular job. Keep your milestones realistic and attainable. As your side hustle grows, then you can push your milestones a bit more that allows you to grow your business.

Join the world where many people have a side hustle. You’ll soon realize why so many people do iteven Jesus had one. The additional income, the pride of starting something on your own, and the opportunity for it to turn into your career are all goals worth shooting for.

Questions for Discussion Below: Do you have a “second job” that would classify as a side hustle? What is it? What other tips can you give for managing a side hustle with your full time job? Have you turned a side hustle into a new career? If so, how did that go? 

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