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Our Nightmare on Rental Street: Evicting a Tenant

evicting a tenantFor over four years my wife and I have enjoyed the benefits that come with owning rental real estate. The extra income each month has allowed us to reduce the debt on our personal mortgage and help cash flow Mrs. Luke 1428’s recent grad school education and career change. Granted it has been one tough side hustle, no more so than this past spring when we were forced to maneuver through one of rental real estate’s darker sides…the process of evicting a tenant.

No one ever thinks about evicting a tenant when they sign the rental agreement. We trust our background research and intuition about the person we’ve selected to fill the property and we expect the tenant to honor their part of the rental agreement. We provide them with quality lodging…they pay us for that service. What could possible go wrong with such a simple arrangement?

Plenty. Especially when the tenant sees an opening they feel like they can take advantage of.

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