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The Benefits of Getting a Construction Management Degree

construction managerFor those that love to work with their hands, construction may be the career for you. As someone who worked construction for three years through college, I found it extremely rewarding. The people I worked with were great. And the skills I learned translated into adulthood, even though I didn’t pursue it as a career. I’ve been able to save thousands of dollars just doing my own handyman repairs around the house.

This industry has many exciting benefits to offer, even though it goes through some ups and downs at times depending on the economy. Within the industry, there are many jobs that are well-paid, reputable and highly convenient. One such career, construction manager, is highly sought after. For that career, you would likely need to have a construction management degree.

Construction managers are responsible for leading an entire construction team from the start of a project to the completion phase. So these individuals are highly skilled and experienced. Project managers are responsible for looking into each task precisely and ensuring that all jobs are being carried out correctly. That is why construction managers are so critical in the success of a construction project. 

So, what are the benefits of getting a construction management degree? We’ll explore that in this article. 

What is a Construction Manager?

Construction managers are high-profile professionals who perform a significant role in construction, engineering and architecture. Every construction manager needs to have strong leadership skills, versatility and the ability to multitask anywhere and everywhere. 

Earning a bachelor’s degree wasn’t always necessary to succeed in this career. It was possible to work your way up through an organization from the ground up. That is still the case but more recently, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in this field has been known to help in the recruitment process. 

Construction managers work on a variety of job sites, including residential and commercial, which is a primary reason why they are in such high demand. Additionally, you may also find construction managers working on specialty structures or in civil and highway construction. 

What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Construction Manager?

Primarily, construction managers interpret and explain the plans of construction projects to the entire team. They may also manage the blueprints and contract terms of different workers. But they also may manage subcontractors, the companies that come in to do certain aspects of the job like electrical, plumbing or roofing work. 

Handling the staff, customers, and the company is an important role they take on. Apart from this, the construction manager has to review and inspect every phase of the construction project that is carried out. Construction managers may also schedule unique projects and are responsible for carrying out the work within a specific time frame. Lastly, you may also find a construction manager studying the job specifications and client stipulations to analyze the proper construction techniques they need to execute. 

If you would like to learn more about what a subcontractor does, then check out this link for additional information https://gobridgit.com/blog/how-to-become-a-subcontractor/.  

The Big Benefits of This Career

As already noted, getting a degree in construction management will improve your chances for success in this field. It will allow you to showcase your experience and training and may also allow you to earn a higher salary. Here are some other benefits that you can expect from this career: 

Competitive Salary

In the construction management world, people must be well-equipped to earn a good salary. The median wage in recent times for construction managers is $89,300. However, this salary can vary depending on your work experience.

And as a senior manager, you can expect a higher salary and enjoy other benefits as well. 

Strong Job Forecast

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction management profession is projected to grow 11% by 2030. This is a higher-than-average rate. If you are a recent college graduate with a construction management degree at hand, this is good news. 

Employment Satisfaction

This industry is characterized by workers who demonstrate hard work, diligence, versatility, and have a high reputation. That is why working as a construction manager in this field is likely to give you immense employment satisfaction in the years to come. The people you will be working with share the same values as you. On top of that, the pride and joy that you will derive out of curating construction projects is immeasurable. 

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Job Stability

Today, job stability is something most people fail to find in a number of occupations. However, those who work in this field are most likely to enjoy this benefit. So, with a construction management degree at hand, your chances of job stability will improve drastically. 


Another benefit of working in the construction industry is that it comes with a lot of mobility. So, you are less likely to get bored or find the job monotonous when you are dealing with various projects in different locations. 


As a construction manager, leadership is important. You have to motivate and guide your team to carry out the various duties required to complete every project accurately and on time. If you find you tend to thrive in leadership roles, you may find a career in construction management to be especially rewarding. 

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The Bottom Line

What can you do with a construction management degree? You can have a long and rewarding career, if it’s the right fit for you.

If you are planning to acquire a degree in construction management, it is important to know what to expect and what a day in the life of a construction manager looks like. This article will help you make an informed decision as to whether a career in construction management is best for you. 

Leave a Comment or Answer a Question Below: If you have ever worked in construction, what was your experience? Did you have good leaders that understood the depth and scope of the projects you were working on? 

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