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7 Best Business Ideas for Veterans

One major dilemma facing our veterans is what to do after they have served their country. For many of them it has been years since they had a civilian job. So moving back into that arena could prove challenging.

Many of these men and women possess skills and character traits that would make them great at running a small business. In fact, according to research conducted by Bunker Labs, 25% of these veterans want to start their own business. With all the military training they receive, veterans will most likely run their business in an organized, efficient and disciplined way.

Making connections to get your business starting may prove difficult. But the good news is that the digital age has made it easier to start a business. There are more support channels now than there were a decade ago.

7 Best Business Ideas for Veterans

If you are veteran planning on opening your own business, these ideas might help you get started:

Fitness Trainer

It seems like we all know someone who wants to lose weight or wants to stay in shape. Put simply, there’s a huge potential in the health and fitness industry. Veterans understand the importance of fitness. More importantly, they have been through it…they have done the hardcore workouts themselves. So this could be something they could put to use.

Additionally, this business doesn’t require massive start up costs. You could talk to your local gym and offer personal training classes there. Or book a studio for a few times each day and start looking for clients to help out. You could even begin training people individually or in small groups outside at a local park.

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Firearms Training

The demand for guns has also proven steady. People feel safer having a gun in their home. But a large percentage of the people who own a gun don’t know how to use it properly. So when they get one, they will need someone to teach them how to use it.

You will have to get more creative to begin this business. You will need a big space for practicing. Plus, you will need special licenses and permits.

Wilderness Survival School

Hiking is increasing in popularity. There are many people who wish to reconnect with nature by going on hikes or by exploring wild regions in the world. But you can’t do it without some basic experience. And that’s where Wilderness Survival Schools come in. They teach you how to survive in the wild.

As a veteran, you probably have visited some of the harshest regions in the world. You have been trained to survive and work in these regions. And this training could be put to use by training others to survive in such regions.

For this, you will have to do some research. You will have to plan your course. One of the best ways is to see what your competitors are doing and then adjust your plan accordingly. You may even take their course so you can see what it is like from a consumer standpoint.

And you will have to decide where you want to conduct the classes. This may mean moving to a location where you can have some outdoor or true wilderness access. You aren’t going to find that in the big city.

Open A Franchise

Many big brands nowadays are offering people the chance of opening a store in their name in exchange for money. The franchise hands over all the important information related to business operations and management. You only have to pay the franchise fee and invest in the business.

If you wish to open a franchise, look for brands that align with you on a personal level. Never open a business without experience in that particular field. So this may require you working as an employee for awhile until you understand the business and can then venture out on your own.

Security Business

There is no denying that there has been an increased sense of danger in society. People are afraid of the unknown. This has led to an increase in the security business, both personal and commercial.

As a veteran, you will be seen as someone they can trust to provide good expertise. You are already trained to spot red flags and deal with them in an organized and calm manner. And if you were into electronics or computers in the service, this will give you a big advantage.

You can narrow down the scope of your security business by focusing on one particular niche such as event security or residential security.

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Private Investigation Firm

People need private investigators all the time. Whether for personal reasons or professional ones, a private investigator is always in demand.

The reason I mention private investigation for veterans is because they often have good connections with people in the law business. And you will need that once you start an investigation firm. Also, veterans are trusted people in the community.

Travel Business

Travel is another industry that has seen a big boom in recent years. It has been termed as the new American dream. People want to travel. And as a veteran, you have already traveled to some parts of the world. You know how it all works.

There are a lot of opportunities available in the market where you can become an independent travel agent and consultant. Or you could move to a desire location and start a business that caters to tourists. Travelers are always looking for good excursions on their vacations. You can provide that.

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There are many other ways you can start your own business. Think about your strengths and be creative with it. Most importantly, take your time and think it through. You don’t want to start something that you are not prepared for.

A few of the business ideas listed above require a good amount of initial capital to start with. You want to make sure you don’t go into debt too much to start a business. But getting a small business loan might be an option if you want to pursue those options. There is a lot helpful information out there to guide you in getting a loan including articles like Top 8 Personal Loans for Veterans with Bad Credit. Start your planning today and be on your way to a better life.

Questions for Discussion Below: What other small businesses can you think of that would be a good fit for a veteran?

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