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How to Stop the Money Problems in Your Marriage For Good

Are you finding yourself having the same money problems over and over again in your marriage? Tired of fighting with your significant other about money? Well, you are not alone. Money problems consistently ranks as one of the top reasons marriages end in divorce.

money problemsThis should not be surprising to anyone. The big priorities of life such as shelter, food, transportation, careers, education, healthcare and retirement all have money affixed to them as a central core element. Whenever a major life decision has to be made it almost always involves money.

Then when all the minor day-to-day decisions get thrown into the mix, it becomes clear money is at the core of almost everything we do.

I’ll admit when I first got married I wasn’t prepared for the challenges money decisions would create. I thought we could just out-earn whatever expenditures we wanted to have. The more money we could make the more we could get. I thought, “Money problems? We’ll never have them.”

Nor was I prepared for how each of us would bring into the relationship different backgrounds, personalities or opinions. Money is enough to create problems in and of itself. Mix in those three variables and a marriage could be headed for a host of money problems.

The more conflict that comes with money problems, the more discouraged couples get. Every discussion seems to lead into a fight with both parties not listening to the other and becoming more entrenched in their own beliefs. Before long, they are questioning whether or not they are meant for one another.

It’s such a common scenario but it doesn’t have to be this way. Couples can take steps to solve their money problems and live in harmony together.

Steps to Cure the Money Problems

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More Money More Problems: The 10 Challenges of the Wealthy

Everyone has money problems…even the wealthy. They may not be the same type of problems that someone with a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt is experiencing but they exist nonetheless. It would seem that having more money doesn’t isolate a person from having more problems.

more money more problemsI don’t consider myself rich by any means. I’m not even sure how to accurately define whether someone is rich. What net worth number does a person have to reach before they are considered wealthy? $1 million? $5 million? $10 million plus?

For me, I would consider someone with $10 million in net worth to be rich. If they had all that money in cash, they could retire and live off $200,000 a year for 50 years. Does that sound rich to you?

Although we’ll probably never reach the $10 million dollar plateau, my wife and I have come to the point in our financial lives where we are worrying less about money. We don’t have to concern ourselves with paying off a mortgage and the kid’s college tuition is pretty much on pace to be adequately funded. The same goes for our retirement. According to Dave Ramsey’s baby steps you could say we’ve reached Baby Step 7 – building wealth.

While we don’t struggle with putting food on the table I’ve noticed other problems creeping into our lives as our net worth has increased. It got me thinking about the money issues of the wealthy and what they might be dealing with on a personal level. We haven’t experienced most of these but I’ll admit to being shaken on a small scale by a few of them.

The More Money More Problems of the Wealthy

While not exclusive, these are the 10 problems I see creeping into the life of someone with considerable wealth.

Dealing with the fear of losing it

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