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The Top 5 Tips To Selling Your House Fast For Cash

Whenever a person decides to sell a house, there are two things they want the most. One, they want to clear a good amount of cash so that they can meet some financial goal, like paying off debt or putting a down payment on another property. And two, they want the property to sell quickly, the faster the better (as long as number one is also true).

There are some things that you can do to help facilitate the sale of your property. If the house can attract more buyers, you stand a better chance of selling it fast and at a better price. Buyer competition over a property is a good thing. So, if you ever said I need to sell my house fast, you are going to have to spruce it up to make it attractive. 

To do this, for starters you will need to source the right real estate agent to help manage the selling process. A good real estate agent is worth his or her weight in gold. They see things that you as the seller don’t see. They are also less emotional about the process because they have experience doing deals well. So that will help keep you from making a mistake in the selling process. 

Small Home Repairs

Do the research and identify the small improvements you can institute to add value to your home. These should be projects that cost less but provide the most returns. In general, you must make sure your house looks well-maintained. If there are rooms you hardly use, cleaning them thoroughly to remove the clutter and cobwebs will go a long way to making the house appealing. Applying a new coat of paint could also make the house sparkle. It helps to boost the appeal and create the right impression. 

One thing that is often overlooked is the garage door. And it’s often broken or not working properly. It is one of the most valuable repairs that could help to boost the ROI on house improvement.  That’s most likely because, on many homes, it’s one of the first things that a prospective buyers sees when they pull in the driveway. 

Those Larger Improvements

Renovating the bathroom, kitchen, and even garage could help boost the asking price. But with some of the bigger ticket items, you want to make sure that you don’t spend too much. You won’t recoup 100% of the money that you put into repairs. 

A big focus should be on the kitchen. It is the heart of the home. Even minor improvements, including resurfacing cabinets, giving it a fresh coat of paint and updating hardware and fixtures, could be the magic to selling your house fast.

Bathrooms can be updated quickly and on a modest budget. Replace the shower heads, sinks and basins to enhance the look of the space. Keep in mind though, that when you invest in your bathroom, while you will add value to your home, the return on investment may not be as much as when you revamp your kitchen.

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More on Finding a Reliable Real Estate Agent

This is an area where people make a big mistake. Usually this is because they are trying to save some money and think they can sell the property on their own. The problem here is that you are not a professional. You don’t really know the real estate business like the professionals do. The likelihood is that, even with paying a broker commission, you will make more in the long run because the agent will be able to get you better pricing and keep you from making unneeded financial concessions to the buyer. 

Additionally, it’s best to not work with an agent who is a family member. Again, most people do this because they want to help out this person. But mixing business with family often leads to trouble, especially if Uncle Joe the agent does a bad job. It could leave you with a broken relationship.

So, when looking for an agent, find one with great recommendations that knows your local market well. They should have a good deal of experience and be able to handle your situation. Interview several candidates to find the best fit possible. 

Enhance the Appeal

This is probably the first place to start. First impressions are always critical in helping you get a good buyer. So it’s surprising that so many people overlook this. You simply can’t have someone rolling up to your driveway and not even making it in the door because the outside looks so bad. 

For starters, mow the grass and ensure the yard is free of trash, debris and other items lying around. Prune the bushes and trees so that the house can be seen. Nothing should be growing over the windows as that will block out sunlight coming in to brighten up the interior of the house. 

In addition, install window flower boxes and a new mailbox to enrich the setting. Pressure wash the driveway and the exterior of the home. Edge the driveway and sidewalks. Spray for weeds, get rid of any nests and bugs. 

Beyond that, if exterior repairs need to happen, then do them. But again, make sure you don’t overspend. Any repairs are negotiable and the more time you spend repairing in advance, the slower it will take to ultimately sell your home.

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Pre-inspection Listing

Inspecting the home is important because it helps you to identify those areas that could give the buyer ground to back out of the negotiations or negotiate for lower prices. Pre-inspection will allow you to fix small issues before marketing the house.

Of course, there are many other things you may want to do to help you add value to your house. But as you do this, you must take emotions out of the selling process. And be willing to add things the buyer may ask if they are fair and valid points.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to sell quickly for the most money possible. It’s worth the effort you will put in in advance. 

Leave a Comment or Answer a Question Below: What other tips do you have for selling a home fast? Do you have a seller’s nightmare story? Do you think it is worth it or not to hire a real estate agent? 

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