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5 Money Saving Questions to Ask Before Buying Christmas Gifts

My wife and I never go shopping for Christmas gifts on Black Friday. I don’t care how good the deals are the crowds are just too much for us. We are more Cyber Monday or wait until the last minute type of people.

christmas giftsBuying Christmas gifts is always fun for us though because we love to spend money on the people we care about. It’s become even better recently since we’ve learned how to save money throughout the year to spend at Christmas. Now all of our Christmas gifts are paid for in cash and we never see a credit card bill come January.

While we all get excited about spending money on the people we love, it can get seriously out of hand. What happens in December can have short and long-term financial consequences if you don’t keep your spending on Christmas gifts in check. So before you make any purchases this year here are five simple questions you should ask yourself as you buy Christmas gifts for those special people in your life.

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Why I’m Thankful for First and Second Chances

second chance

We've all had moments in life when we were granted first and second chances even though we probably didn't deserve it. Remember how that first big break felt - that first chance to show the world what you were made of? Perhaps it took years to break … [Continue reading]

Saving Up For Retirement – What Are Your Basic Options?

If you have finally decided to get on the right track to retirement, good for you. Better late than never, after all. There are a lot of people who have retirement accounts, as well as they should. However, there are far too many people who are … [Continue reading]

5 Innovative Retirement Planning Tools to Help You Save More

couple in retirement

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The U.S. Federal Budget Breakdown For Your Tax Money in 2016 – Infographic

monopoly luxury tax

With the first primary elections just a few short months away, it's been interesting to hear the would-be presidential candidates take on taxes. Some are proposing to tax the rich at a higher rate to fund the federal budget while others highlight the … [Continue reading]

The Easy and Hard Parts to Becoming a Millionaire by Age 65


Would you feel financially secure if you became a millionaire? I’d say most people would. A million dollar net worth provides the cushion you’d need to weather almost any financial storm. Becoming a millionaire should set your financial worries at … [Continue reading]

15 Bible Verses About Helping the Poor You Need to Know

poor girl sitting by a church

Hidden Nuggets Series #99 - “…For the poor will never cease from the land…” - Deuteronomy 15:11 A major theme found in the Bible is how we are to treat one another. Jesus famously said in Matthew 22:39, “…You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” … [Continue reading]

How to Avoid the Frustrating Weight Gain on a Cruise

Cruise dinner plate

The calendar has turned from summer to fall and with that cooler temperatures have arrived. You may already be thinking about escaping the cold for warmer climates sometime this coming winter. One to the most affordable ways I’ve found to do that is … [Continue reading]

Decorating Your Christmas Tree Doesn’t Have To Hurt Your Pocket

kid in front of christmas tree

I was out shopping the other day for some festive autumn items to decorate the house for fall/Halloween and guess what I ran into? I turned the corner of an aisle and ran smack dab into Christmas stuff. Yes, the wrapping paper and decorations are … [Continue reading]

10 Can’t Miss Warren Buffett Quotes On Life and Money

warren buffett

Where do you seek out sound advice? Your parents? Friends at work? A counselor or pastor? The Bible or other religious literature? As I see it, the problem with a lot of advice is threefold: It's not actually helpful... It's … [Continue reading]

Personal Update: A Stay At Home Dad Goes Back to Work


Some things you simply don’t see coming. That passing car in your blind spot. The identity thief who messes with your life. A certain reality star/business man being a leading candidate for President. Eighteen months ago I decided to quit … [Continue reading]