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5 Life Changing Moments That Lead to Lifestyle Inflation

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Get ready to spend more now

In simplest terms the concept of “lifestyle inflation” refers to a person’s spending going up as their income goes up. Some lifestyle inflation may be unavoidable but it’s a good thing to keep it in check as much as possible. Otherwise you end up living paycheck to paycheck and having little or no money let over to pay down debt, save for retirement and use for other investments.

When a person is at that point, with no money left to create a cushion, life gets really stressful.

We can be drawn to increase our lifestyle at any point in life. As I see it though, there are five instances when we are most susceptible to increasing our spending. Here’s how it often works.

After college graduation at the first real job

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A Singular Focus of Paying Off Debt Leads to Peace

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Rethinking the Definition of Success

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The Tools of Motivation – Getting What You Need to Succeed

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The Lemonade Stand Book Review Plus An iPad Mini Giveaway

The lemonade stand book review

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I’ve Scrapped My DISQUS Commenting System To Run A Blog Experiment

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Your Best Investment Ever Won’t Be In The Stock Market

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Historical analysis suggests an investor in the U.S. stock market can reasonably count on an average annual return of 8-10%. I’d certainly like that return on my money. To get that, I'll have to weather down periods in the market. It’s worth it … [Continue reading]

Happy Anniversary! Luke1428 Enters the Terrible Twos

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The Final Destination Is Worth the Pain of Starting Over

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Debunking a Few Home-Buying Misconceptions

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Guess Which Age Group Is Starting To Save?

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