Hope for your financial life and beyond

Top Tips for Freelancing Success

Have you ever thought about freelance work as a side hustle to earn extra income or as your main way of making a living? Many people do, for either of those reasons, including myself at one point in my life. There are a number of benefits to … [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make the Best Monthly Budget

monthly budget

I’ve written a lot over the years on how to make a monthly budget. It’s really been important to me because creating and successfully living on a budget turned our life around. My wife and I would not be where we are financially had we not admitted … [Continue reading]

I Have a Lot of Debt: Can Hard Credit Checks Impact My Credit Score?

Debt has become the standard way for people to manage their financial life. Instead of cash, families and individuals are turning to credit more and more. It seems an easier form of payment, granting access to things when we need or want … [Continue reading]

How to Save Money Without Losing Track of What It’s For

One question I routinely get asked by friends and readers of this site is, "Can you teach me how to save money without losing track of what it's for? How do you account for your money when you are saving for an emergency or for a future need?” The … [Continue reading]

Beyond the Retirement Plan: 3 Things to Do Before You Stop Working

retirement plan

Have you started thinking about your retirement plan? For most, the retirement plan consists of saving enough money to cover their life expenses after they stop working. More than likely, the retirement plan revolves around socking money away in … [Continue reading]

What Does the Bible Say About Debt? Wait Til You See

what does the bible say about debt

I turn to the Bible for a lot of questions in my life. After all, God has a lot more wisdom than I do. So why not tap into that knowledge? It seems that no matter what I’m dealing with, I can find some answers within the pages of the Bible. A few … [Continue reading]

God’s Giving Nature Shines Brightest On Easter

We don't often think of Easter as the holiday of giving. Giving is most characterized by the Christmas season. We love giving presents to show those we love how much we care about them. Are you one who loves to give? Have you ever wondered where … [Continue reading]

How to Get Out of Debt and Win in Five Simple Steps

how to get out of debt

Are you up to your eyeballs in debt? Don't see anyway out? If so, take heart. You are not alone. Millions of Americans live with this burden. They either never think about how to get out of debt or they think that it is impossible for them to get out … [Continue reading]

My Go To Bible Verse When I Worry About Money

worry about money

If there is one thing I’ve discovered while monitoring my own finances through the years it’s this - the future is friends with worry. It’s inevitable. At some point I will worry about money. I think many people are right there with me. A recent … [Continue reading]

High Risk Investing: When I Turned One Thousand Dollars Into…

high risk investing

I marvel at how Wall Street creates wealth. This even happens sometimes through high risk investing. An investor purchases a few 100 shares in a small company that hits it’s stride or a start-up that goes supernova and they become a millionaire … [Continue reading]

With God All Things Are Possible – Even Saving Rich People

with god all things are possible

“But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” - Matthew 19:26 On one occasion in the Bible a rich young ruler approached Jesus with a very serious question. The man asked Jesus … [Continue reading]